WARNING: Your Ego May Hurt..

In my last post for IndiSpire, I wrote about IQ Level of Indians which is, as a Survey Report in Time says, we are below Afganistan, Pakistan, Uruguey, Malta, Dominic Republic, Cuba, Ethopia, Zambia and some smaller than our fingernail, all these countries are above Great Republic of India.

Before going deeper into the reason, lets see who is above and who is below us in so called ‘IQ TEST List’.

Let me tell you that the country having highest Rank in IQ Level is Singapore with 108 score; followed by South Korea-106, Japan-105, Italy-102, Iceland, Mongolia, Switzerland with 101, Austria, China, Luxembourg, Norway, United Kingdom with 100.

I know you are missing United States and our very own India, so let the list go on. Here, we go for Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden with equal result that is 99.

Andorra, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, United States …here it is, all these nations have common 98 on IQ Level.

Now lets find out India, to do so we need to bypass the Belarus, Malta, Russia, Moldova …these countries stand on 97, then come Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, FYROM, Lithuania, Sierra Leone, Thailand at 91; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey at 90.

Guys don’t panic, India will come but not before Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Laos, Mauritius, Serbia, Suriname – 89; Ecuador, Mexico, Samoa – 88; Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, Indonesia, Iraq, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait – 87; Philippines, Seychelles,Tonga 86.

As India, the to be super power is yet to come, let me explore the list, here we have Cuba, Eritrea, Fiji, Kiribati, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Yemen with 85.

Now guys be ready for the tectonic plate to be shifted underneath. Afghanistan, Bahamas, Belize, Colombia, Iran, Jordan, Marshall Islands, Micronesia Federated States, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Uganda, UAE, Vanuatu, Venezuela at 84.

Yes! It hurts. But, as Survey Report says, we have Afganistan and Pakistan over our head, do you believe it? We will talk about it later.

Algeria, Bahrain, Libya, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Syria, Tunisia with 83.

Now, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, India, Lebanon, Madagascar, Zimbabwe at 82.

Finally, India arrives with a slot shared by African Nations, Bangladesh and Lebanon. We got 82 on IQ Scale. Why? Ok, hold it for now. Let the IQ List come to an end, first.

Egypt, Honduras, Maldives, Nicaragua, Barbados, Bhutan, El Salvador, Kenya are on 80. Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Congo at 79. Democratic Republic, Nepal, Qatar at 78. Comoros, South Africa 77, Cape Verde, Congo, Mauritania, Senegal 76; Mali, Namibia 74, Ghana 73, Tanzania 72, Central African Republic 71.

Everybody knows, a series of questions are asked. Questions are not subject oriented, these are to test your common sense and presence of mind. So, what questions have been asked to give the above ranking to countries? Ok, let see, I am taking down 10 Questions, asked by surveyers. And, I would like you all to try these questions, and then we will see if the above list is nothing more than a joke.

1. Is there the 25th December in the USA?

2. If you have only one match and you are entering in the dark room where are one candle, one lantern and one fire place, what will you inflame first?

3. Some months have 30, and some have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?

4. You are dreaming that you are in a dark tunnel, and from one side a train is approaching, and from the other a dragon. What will you do?

5. What was before 1945?

6. In the USA, is it possible for you to get married with the sister of your widow?

7. If you throw a white rock in the Black sea at the time of full moon, what will happen?

8. You are my son but I am not your mother.
What am I?

9. How many times in 24 hours does the minute pointer go across the hour pointer?

10. If today in the noon rains, could it possible that in the next 36 hours we have a bright sunshine?


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  1. I think the iq of the questioner and analyst require examination and serious re-engineering – anyone can make an exit poll but when elections come India stands first lol


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