When I Checked my Wife’s FB Account.

When my wife stopped using fb i thought maybe fb has become boring for her which led her to deactivate her account.

She was an active fb user for last five years. Four status update a day, five photo uploads, twenty likes on friends status, wittiest comments interlaced in humour make her popular, that popularity gave her a healthy list of friends, as well as she also got a bunch of people whom I am going to write about for your horror.

I casually asked her the reason and what she told me was a warning sign. She told me that her message box is full of stupid, vulgar messages, and she was being targeted since the day she joined fb.

She logged in and gave the laptop to me to see how this world is suffering with some kinda sick people who have nothing to share or do, what they do is out of my tolerance level.

In her Message Inbox, Other message, Spam folder I found more than 600 unread messages. I must tell you that it was a torture to me. Opening one by one, reading, and deleting those messages made me realize how a woman, a girl endures such a mental trauma. It was insulting, humiliating, I was sitting in front of AC yet I was sweatening like hell. O’Jezuz..! All the messages were from India. In Relationship Status we both have mentioned “Married to myphoto/wife’s photo”, even Grazie’s photo has been set as our daughter, despite all these, some wanted to do sexchat, some wanted to know her sex experience, some explained how my wife’s body can be entertained if given a chance and some were looking for an opportunity by asking if she is satisfy with her spouse in terms of sexual relationship. God!

One funny thing I found in my wife’s account was number of friends, she had 92. Shockingly, she had 221 in her Blocked List.

I have already read a lot about those sickening people who, for me, don’t even deserve to stay alive. But, if you think women are the only creature who are being targeted, you are wrong.

Not only women and girls with nice profile pictures …there are rough and tough men with killer expression on face are being approched. No, the hunters are not opposite gender.

Lets do not waste time. Below is a conversation I pasted direct from my fb inbox as it was, this conversation will make the picture clear.

A 40+ man whose PROFILE ID is: facebook/ ashu.thakur.754365
sent me friend request and I accepted it on the basis of Mutual friends.

Ashu Thakur: thankx

Ashu Thakur: Hello sir Aapka fone nhi lg rha

Ashu Thakur: Helo sir

Shabab Khan: Hello

Ashu Thakur: Kaise h aap

Shabab Khan: I am good, what about you?

Ashu Thakur: M also. Aapne mere wal pr kuchh puchha tha.

Shabab Khan: Haan, Do din pehle maine aapki friend request accept kiya. Agle din aapka phone aa gaya. Aesa bina matlab nahi hota. Now tell me, what can i do for you?

Ashu Thakur: Aap ki foto achhi lagi so call kiya aapko. Sr apka fon kyu nhi lagata h.

Shabab Khan: Main apni wife aur bahen ki call tak receive nahi kar paata. Aur aapko meri foto pasand aa gai to fone kar diya …Yaar, seedhe topic par aao jao na. Topic par baat karne ke liye formalities ki zarurat nahi hai. Aap bolo kya kar sakta hun aapke liye? Do you want something from me? Or what?

Ashu Thakur: I like m2m sex.

One Week Later.

Ashu Thakur: sir apne rply n diya. Aaj main Lko aaya hun.

Shabab Khan: Main Lucknow nahi, Kanpur mein rehta hun.

Ashu Thakur: paas me hi to h sir.

Shabab Khan: You mean, you wanna come Kanpur?

Ashu Thakur: yes

Shabab Khan: So, u are a gay?

Ashu Thakur: bisexual i like gay sex.

Shabab Khan: And you want me to make sexual relation with you?

Ashu Thakur: Yes

Ashu Thakur: Boliye

Shabab Khan: What do you do? I mean, you are in business or have a job somewhere?

Ashu Thakur: pvt job as a enggr Delhi me. Helo

Shabab Khan: Do you know I have a caring and loving wife, and a little daughter, whom I love the most..?

Ashu Thakur: good

Ashu Thakur: wo apni jagah mai apni jagah. Kabi raste me nhi ayenge.

Shabab Khan: Well, I am a normal man. Whatever the Gay Sex is, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean its so disgusting for me. It makes me vomit. I wanted to know ur psych so i didn’t block u. But, now you are making me sick. One more Msg or an attempt to call my number would be enough to make ur life miserable. Like u said, i look dangerous in pic, i let u know im worst than what i look in pic.

Ashu Thakur: thankx nd sorry.

And, he blocked me. How professional.

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8 Responses to When I Checked my Wife’s FB Account.

  1. Social networking sites can make one’s life hellish…I know some incidents where the condition was much severe and in one case ..the cyber crime cell needed to intervene…there are so much of sick people in this world !!


    • ...shabab says:

      Maniparna… I’d nvr gvn a thought abt it until i found 600 msgs in Sharmi’s inbox… In business my associates have gvn me a “trouble shooter” tag, but that 600msgs made me realize that i still need a hell of time to understand ppl. If a married lady who clearly mentioned in her profile that she is married and got a little gal is approched so desperatly, …then i can only guess how terribly an unmarried young gal could be harrassed by sending msg by msg (it doesn’t matter if they get a reply) with an extreme of silly nonsense. And total vulgarity.
      I am simply unable to figure out what the hell has happened to our society, the same society we live in.
      Whats going on? It seems incurable. God!!


      • You’re absolutely right…the best you is to increase the security of your a/c…FB has really done a good job by introducing that ” Other message ” folder..I never check mine for I know what sort of embarrassing things are waiting for me….

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  2. Arti says:

    After reading your post, I checked Messages in the Other section on Facebook(which I never check), I am shocked, horrified and disgusted.


  3. lancequadras says:

    That’s a sad thing to have happened… & yes, i did happen to see that on one of my friends messages list were creeps whose messages gave me goosebumps..My pressure arose to a new high.. can’t imagine what women go through every day!


  4. ...shabab says:

    Hi Arti-
    Facebook has become an integrl part of lives of so many people. As you know most of ’em are fb addict. They don’t know they can be abused, their pics can be doctored and worst even porns can be uploaded on their walls …for their nightmare… Anybody can target you with a fake account. Only thing we can do is to take precautions b4 taking anybody into ur friend list.
    Thanks for sharing ur experience, it’ll help to tackle ppl who, as i said in this post, don’t deserve to stay alive.


  5. This is sick and scary. I am sure you must have felt even more bad. The world is full of people with poor mental frame.

    Also, now that I am following your blog, your blog’s link appears on my “Blogs I Follow” list. :)


  6. fortunately i never get to see spams on my wordpress blog – they get edited by wordpress – how kind of them to do the dirty job for me leaving me to breathe fresh air – but not every site is wordpress for sure


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