Launch With Child Bear ..

Weird ? Yup …I know title makes no sense, literally. But, what I am gonna share with you is not nonsense, you’ll see.

I am going to prove here, how a particular group of Indians are seeking the revenge from Brits by abusing, molesting, assaulting their Native Language, English. Its a most horrible way to exact vengeance. Abuse their language and showcase it publicly, on signs, wall-paintings, advertisement hordings, notice boards. You’d also see Brits’ language is being abused by even Govt. authorities like Police, Sanitary, Municiple.


They Speak English; Writing is Exception.

A Simple Notification.


Sign at an Airport


Shortage of Brand Names forces an Academy to use a Most Weird Name.

Perfect Instruction in a clear language, no chance of any confusion.

Over Population of BEARS led Govt to put their children on Sale.

Now, you know what the title is all about.

Brilliant! How a man who understands English would know that the water which is used to flush urinary is not drinkable.

O’ You must carry a dictionary, dude.

We Need a Newton or Edison to solve this Riddle.

Any Foodie Blogger who wanna try its Specials Menu?



Who Wants to Open an Account in this branch of SBI..?

A New Police Dept has been deployed to keep a check on Language Assaulters.

Heard about Super Woman, Career Woman, but who is this Woman?

No Overhead Parking in the Air.

Plz keep your Nukes at home and Shoes as per Sign

Brilliant way to Solve Questions.

Don’t Carry a Bag if you are in Ludhiana.

Magic Vs Medicine

Need Help to Understand

Belongs to Billu Barbar.

Bhagwans are being used to blackmail people.

This is for Wives Only.



CHICKEN is the shop name which sells COCK, you know ‘Murga’.

They Send Witches for Home Delivery



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4 Responses to Launch With Child Bear ..

  1. indrani says:

    Ha.. ha,, good collection.


  2. R Vyas says:

    Lol..great post ! Enjoyed !!


    • ...shabab says:

      Thanks for remarks. Keep visiting, you’ll see how horrible way we have choosen to exact our vengeance. Make their proud language a laughing stock..


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