MY IndiSpire Ideas they Rejected …

For all those who are not familiar with IndiSpire™ I would like to introduce them to one of the best Blog Directories with some innovative features that turns a writer into a blogger -Yes, showcases your blogs in a way which generates some kinda electricity to fuel the blogging bug in your head, and that bug forces you to blog, blog and blog …as they say, We are because we Blog.

IndiSpire™ is a special feature where members submit their ideas they think are best to write on for a week. That idea is called IndiSpire. Let me tell you that submitted ideas are voted by members, and idea with maximum votes is selected to Inspire bloggers to write on.

But, you know, there is some shrewd scruitinizing mechanism works with IndiSpire which makes sure if the submitted ideas are okay. I am saying so because I have tried to submit MY own brilliant Ideas 52 times but, they rejected my ideas remorselessly. I never found my own idea on IndiSpire, and its limit now.

I have rights to know the reasons of rejection. If they won’t satisfy me I will go for a legal battle. But, before that, I want you bloggers to have a look of those Brilliant Ideas …they rejected.

Below is Top10 ideas I think were the best …to be Inspired.

10. You came to know somehow, that 3 dogs were really injured during the making of the site- indiblogger. What will you do?

9. You vote for her/his every single post and write comments, even if you find her/his post ‘utter bakwaas’. But you never found her/his vote on your IndiVine post. Will you stop voting her/him, or what?

8. While posting on IndiVine™ you were sure for a Top Post on Indiblogger Sticker. Two days later, you found 3 votes. Share your Heart Beats, Blood Pressure, Body Temp, Sweatening Status, Number of foul words your mind suggested.

7. You have posted 42 posts in IndiVine this April. At the end of the month your previous Ranking 85 becomes 64.
Share your experience of getting and settling hospital bills. Also share about Ambulance Service you used, it may help other bloggers.

6. Ayela ..! Your recent post got 126 Votes on IndiVine, while your Site Stats says:
TODAY: 19 Visitors
Share what you felt; would you go for a reality check of your site’s traffic monitering system.

5. Finally, you got a chance and time to attend an IndiMeet. You reached the venue twenty minutes earlier. On receiption while making some enquiry you are asked for your Credit Card.
Explain your mental condition.

4. You are traveling by train when you came to know the person sitting infront of you is responsible of managing you IndiRank every month. How will you throw him out of the train? Inspire us.

3. You received an IndiMail which says that you are going to be charged 200 Indi Rs. per post submission on IndiVine. What will you do?

2. The Comments on your Posts are like…
“Nice Post”, “Fantastic way of Writing”, “Im getting addicted to your posts”, “Awesome Picture and Mind blowing caption.”
…we all are, infact, used to, of these kind of comments.
Today, one of your posts received comments like:
-Stop writing for God’s sake; What makes you think you are a blogger?; You are a complete waste of time; Daya karo Prabhu; Bass bhi karo, bass karo mybaap. Or I’ll slit my throat; How Much would be enough for you to stop blogging?
… How will you respond? Will you accept all these critics positively or will you block all of them?

1. You received an IndiMail today, which says, “we have launched a beauty IndiSoap. From now on, you will be required to enter an unique code while submitting a post on IndiVine. You can find that 32 digits code inside the wrapper of IndiSoap. Price of IndiSoap is Rs.109. Buy 3 for Rs 300 and save Rs.9, and see your bank balance increasing.
What would you do? What would be your first reaction? If you wanna abuse, use #### instead.

These were my IDEAS for you to be inspired, your bad luck dear members they rejected all the brilliant ideas. No IDEA ever appeared in IndiSpire Section. But I am determined to see one of my IDEAS in there, and I will keep trying until I find your posts IndiSpired by my Idea.

Love You IndiBlogger.


About Shabab Khan

A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media houses. Twitter Handle:@khantastix
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12 Responses to MY IndiSpire Ideas they Rejected …

  1. Food-Adda says:

    Haha , Nice one


  2. Rahul says:

    You vote for her/his every single post and write comments, even if you find her/his post ‘utter bakwaas’. But you never found her/his vote on your IndiVine post. Will you stop voting her/him, or what?


  3. ...shabab says:

    Hi Rahul …thank you for giving your time to this post. The Idea you liked, really bites …you vote her everytime, even without reading her post you give her vote on indivine, as well as you click LIKE on posts, rate her post 5/5, and write a wonderful comment, always positive.
    But, you are yet to see her vote, like or even a visit to your post. Bewafa hai woh.
    Jaane de bhai, jaane de ;-D

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pratik Kirve says:

    :D :D XD Great Ideas :idea: … Share it on TED conference also… :o 8-)


    • ...shabab says:

      Thank You Pratik. Its just a funny side of serious blogging on IndiBlogger. I Always try to find some fun factor in serious and boring things, this is one of them. Keep visiting.


  5. aamjunta says:

    Superb… All ideas should be accepted :)
    Most of the votes people give in indiblogger are not relevant. This is because, many just promote without reading posts. And your rightly said “You vote for her/his every single post and write comments, even if you find her/his post ‘utter bakwaas’. But you never found her/his vote on your IndiVine post. Will you stop voting her/him, or what?”


    • ...shabab says:

      Thanks for ur comment dear. We all know but few accept that 100 votes doesn’t mean 100 reads… I blog to get rid of stress business gifts me …but now i started realizing that blogging gives different kinda of stress. You know its LIFE.


  6. Superb ideas..and they ‘re so controversial :-P


    • ...shabab says:

      Yes! ‘controversial’ is well suited word. But you know controversy is smthng which makes the Films, Leaders, actress like Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Pandey. In short controvercy makes a post popular.
      Thanks for comment Maniparna.


  7. Funny :) … At one point I thought these things might have actually happened with you


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