Modiyapa with People of Varanasi

The Biggest Enemy of Poorvanchal is Raj Thackrey; Modi likes him for that, perhaps.

The heat is on in Ancient Temple City of Banaras. This holy city is gonna witness a biggest ever Political Circus. Modi is here to encash Hindu Card while Kejriwal is to beat Modi.

Here is the key issues to be considered before casting your votes.

1. Who is pumping enormous funds to promote Modi, and why? Yes, you are right. Reliance Industries has some special interests in Modi’s victory. If somehow, Modi becomes PM, RIL will rule the country.

2. Banaras is called Shivnagri. Harr Harr Mahadev is to praise Lord Shiva. Is Modi comparable to Shiva? If not, how his outsider fans hijacked Shiva’s praising line and twisted to Harr Harr Modi?

3. Varanasi is capital of Poorvanchal (Eastern Part)… We all know how bad the situation is for those who belong to this part of India. Remember, Raj Thakkerey and his Sena… remember how Banarasi and Poorvees were beaten up in Mumbai. How Raj’s goons had destroyed ‘chana wala’, ‘taxiwala’s’, little properties. How did they kill one at Dadar Station as he was there to appear in Western Railways Exam for a vacancy.

No, its not irrelevent. Modi is a very close friend of Raj Thakkarey who is most hated person in Poorvanchal. Can Poorvi forgive Raj, and vote his close aide to make him humiliate more and more Easterners in Mumbai? Consider it.

4. Gujarat is a Model state with world class infrastructure. There is nothing like poverty there. Gujarat is doing good as far as big industries are concern. Diamonds, Fabric, Automobiles, Pharmacueticals …but what about Small Scale Industry, Medium Scale Industries …Gujarat had these types of industries, now all closed. More than 50,000 companies have gone.

5. Gujarat has immense underground natural wealth. All, in control of Reliance. Why minister of natural resources is Ambani’s close relative? Little Favour?

6. We all are facing Modi on Sponsered First Page of Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and The Hindu …Dainik Jagran, Navbharat Times and others have full booking to publish full front page for Modi. Media’s source of income is Advertizements, and if a media house gets a ad. for front page for three months, then the advertiser gets the favour in form of baised stories. Reliance is funding media, and they are transforming a bloody killer into a Maseiha. Don’t you think Reliance and Adani are looking to get 1000 folds?

7. To this date …Modi is only aspirants who is travelling by what? Guess? Yes! He is travelling by Charter Plane owned by Mukesh Ambani. And let me tell you a 15 seater dual engine plane burns 70 Litre Tonnes of petrol, overall travel cost from Delhi to Mumbai can be approx. 27 hundred thousands. While Arvind is still travelling by trains.

8. Gujarat has no more unorganized business sector. 55000 setups had been taken over by Incorporates. Here, in Varanasi, all the businesses are unorganized like Banarasi Saree, Pharma Distribution, Silk Products, Carpets. I am sure Biggies like Reliance will take over small business of Varanasi from KIRANA, Silk, Food and Beverages, Tourism etc. Even Modi is in favour of FDI in Kirana, it means, Banaras will buy Dal, Chawal, Spices etc from WALMART.

9. Five – six years back, Varanasi ppl were introduced to hi-tech Vegetable retail showroom. Reliance Fresh was the vegetable seller. They used to buy fresh Vegies direct from Farms, which allows them to cut the transportation cost, Mandi Tax, Cold Storage Charges etc. Obviously, they used to buy at 50% of price.

In AC Showroom they started selling Vegies at cheaper price and their quality was superb. Potatoes, Tomatoes were like they are clones. Same size of Potatoes in an air tight pack. Varanasi started buying Vegies from Reliance Fresh. Good Quality at Cheaper Price.

But …what about Vegies Vendors, who would stand and keep waiting on their Hand Carts, they’d lost 90pc of their business. Hunger forced them to revolt and within an hour Reliance Fresh had shut down forcefully. Mayawati banished the stores.

10. Gujarat Massacre in 2002, killed 5000 Muslims. Modi asked Gujarat DGP to let the ppl vent out their anger. He gives 12 hours to goons to do whatever they wished to do with minorty. Later, Modi said and still saying, ‘I have never done anything wrong.’ This roits are pushing the country back by 2 years.

I have seen rallies of BJP and AAP, and I am sure Modi’s nightmare is about to begin.


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2 Responses to Modiyapa with People of Varanasi

  1. Shamir says:

    This venom spitting Blog is now outdated and gone to oblivion.. But still…what are you driving at? India on Monday will have a P.M. who will take this Bharath hundred years ahead and not 2 years backward….


  2. ...shabab says:

    Hi Shamir,
    Yes, its outdated now. Modi is appointed as PM of India, 2 days back. Varanasi suffered 14 hours powercut on the same day.
    I respect the mandate ppl of India gave to modi and team. And i wish modi would take the nation ahead, keeping Hindu Muslim panga apart, if he does for what India supported him I will worship him for I love my nation much more than religion.


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