Lucky Bullets: A True Story

Do you believe in destiny? I know, those who have seen 35 or so years of life will nod. Younger ones have great habit to deny everything they find it illogical, even I had this tendency but life is a teacher in itself.

This is my story… a shocking but true story that changed the course of my life. Before this, I never believed in Destiny nor did I consider luck in real life, my thoughts were about to change.

Kanpur is a famous industrial town, specially for its production and export of Leather Goods. Established businesses get lucrative profits. My hardwork and dedication to establish there was something even rivals would appreciate. I had established and doing good… which attracted the parasites.

A notorious parasite with political backing found me juicy. And, I started getting telephone calls for Security Money. Yes, security money! They don’t call it extortion money. Simple! Wanna stay secure …Pay them. The man who would call me had great manners and ethics. No abuses, no direct threats… He would conversate like he was discussing business. Even he didn’t react on my anger. He was damn cool that made him quite dangerous.

I don’t want to mention the amount he was asking me to pay, but it was quite hefty. For them, the amount was not even a bit in comparasion to my life, however any demand with threats are not to be encouraged… I could have given up by signing a single cheque but my innerself was not ready to be frightened. And, despite regular warning, threats and continueus calls I didn’t say yes or no.

It was an act of cowardice, impotency, and the realization never let me go on my kness. But yes, I never discussed this matter with my wife.

Just for security measures I bought an Italian handgun and obtained a license, and I started changing my schedules, my regular ways and transpotation routes, yet I had a feeling that I was being followed.

Could they do what they were threating for? Could they shot me anytime anywhere?

Two months passed, nothing happened.

Today, I had a meeting at 9 in my office with a Chinese delegates. I got out of home at 8:30, and started driving my CRV toward office.

I was a chain smoker, and I used to get my packs of Classic Regular from a roadside vendor near RBI at Mall Road. I stopped the SUV near the shop, I tried to keep the car as close to shop as possible.

At Right Hand side, there was no space between me and vendor, my left was a running road and traffic had become fast out there. Infront of my car were standing some random men, it was a regular scene. . . but, it wasn’t.

I took 3 packs of Classic Regular, thrown at next seat to me, and gave a 500 Rs. note to vendor. My right hand was out of window, when all of a sudden I saw a guy in black Tshirt and jeans, a green cap on his head, standing right infront of my car. A handgun, .9mm perhaps, in his hand, pointing directly toward me.

In a flash, I knew what was going to happen and instinctly my left hand reached toward small cabinet on dashboard, but before I could take my gun out, the guy had fired.

I felt as if a giant hammer hit the steering wheel, the narrow pipe of steering saved me from first bullet. He fired again ..and I heard a buzz into my left ear, it missed my head and hit the headrest of backseat. Another shot and I felt a train at full spead hit the left side of my neck. Red hot blood splashed around me, in a moment my body was wet with my own blood, and I was losing my consciousness. Last bullet worked for shooter.

I was listening the screams of people, then I found my body was being carried toward somewhere, my ears were listen, “Khatam ho gaye”, “murder ho gaya.”

I was switching between consciousness and unconsciousness, I remember the faint sound of ambulance siren and then I heard about blood lost. And then, white light engulfed me.

Two days later, doctors cleared me, and I was being told by SSP Kanpur City that I was shot thrice. First bullet which was coming for my heart stopped by steering wheel. Second was to hit my forehead but windscreen changed the course of bullet and it ended up in backseat. Third was to my neck, but minor jerk of my head led the .9mm bullet scratch my neck and bumped into the backrest of my seat.

I was alive after lethal attack. I was in most vulnerable position, strapped in driving seat doesn’t allow much movement.

The little scratch was like it was made by red hot iron. Yet, I was safe.

Was that a game of destiny or a co-incidence? Or those bullets were lucky to me, because they changed their course at right moments.


About Shabab Khan

A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media house. Twitter: @khantastix
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