Enjoy On Your Own Risk ..!

This world is full of heaven-like beautiful places you always want to visit. Natural beaches to man made marvels, all do attract us, but are some places infected by crime to such an extent that you never like to go there. For you a List of those places I have personally travelled.

1. Barquisimeto, Venezuela:
Though Barquisimeto has just over a million residents, the city sees murders almost every day. The city has high number of universities and other places of higher education. Despite once being a thriving tourist destination, the area is now so dangerous that many tourists avoid it.

2. Peshawar, Pakistan:

Peshawar is second dangerous place in the world. With tribes and warlords fighting for supremacy, Peshawar is not safe, especially for foreigners.

3. Sao Paolo, Brazil:

I’ve been there for 2 years for a project, in this period I’d been taken on gunpoint three times, and been forced to visit ATM to pay my own ranson. They call it ‘Quicknapping’.

4. Haiti:

It’s one of the least developed and poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, which almost always means that crime is rampant. The U.S. State Dept is on record as saying that there are no “safe” areas of Haiti. The same agency also estimates that 8pc of the Cocaine that enters the US comes through Haiti.

5. Sana’a, Yemen:
A politically instable country, Yemen has its share of problems. That being said, the capital city, Sana’a, is one of the most dangerous places in the entire world. Despite the best efforts of US allies, the city remains a high risk destination.

6. Acapulcowas, Mexico:

Once a popular tourist destination, these days, however, the stunning beaches see only a handful of vacationers. Drug cartels are a problem throughout Mexico and it has only been getting worse over the past decade. Large numbers of dead bodies are a common occurrence in this port city, making it a nerve wracking place to hang out.

7. Nairobi, Kenya:

Africa is a continent with a long history of violence and war. Nairobi has suffered considerably in recent years. Kenya is a beautiful country with plenty to offer, but it is also so dangerous that most tourists leave it off the itinerary. Nairobi is considered particularly dangerous for women, but no one should walk around the city at night.

8. Cali, Colombia:

Many of the cities on this list are in Latin America and for good reason. Drug cartel violence abounds in many of these cities and Cali, Colombia is no exception. With nearly 80 homicides, it’s not a very safe place to live. Colombia has never had a great reputation and it’s unlikely to become a tourist destination anytime soon.

9. Distrito Central, Honduras:

While no large city is immune to violence, Distrito Central has surpassed the usual amount of violence. There is one of the highest murder rates around the globe. The dangers can be attributed to extreme poverty, government corruption and a heavy Mafia presence.

10. Maceió, Brazil:

Brazil has a whopping 14 of the world’s most violent cities. Maceió is the capital of the Alagoas and sees around 135 murders per lac/year. Brazil may host a large part of the Amazon rainforest, but its most populated areas are not places you want to hang out in.

Despite being in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, these cities simply present too much danger for the average traveler. It’s safer to find a place where you aren’t as likely to catch a stray bullet.


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