Congress Down ..!!


PEOPLE OF INDIA finally kicked the butts of those they have been told were responsible of what wrong happened in last few years. Needless to mention who told was none other than Media.

But what went wrong? What mistakes previous ruling party has done which became lethal for them? Let me highlight those points for yor information and reaction.

    -Economic Slowdown. People of India spent 10 years on 4 rotis, whereas they managed to buy STB for better viewing experience.

    -Extreme Corruption (though i never know the name of even one scam).

    -BABA PM (Rahul) in future was on offer. They should have understood that People of India like PMs in their 70s.

    -UNEMPLOYMENT: If there is worst employment problem then why the hell all the Delhi, Kolkata Metro Trains and Mumbai Local run tightly packed during office time.

    -DUMMY PM who never proved to have a tongue. MMS was an honest PM of India, whose economic reform policies were silently working, while Modi took the credits of Ambani’s expansion.

    -UNABILITY to understand that even Media can be taken in favour by paying huge bucks. Reliance spent 10K Crores on Media Management. This is the only reason we used to encounter Modi on Front Pages and New Channels.

    -Sonia/MMS has No Corporate Backing.

    -CONGRESS always kept it far away from Muslim-Killngs. Biggest Drawback. While the whole world know how smartly Modi had given final relief to most of the Gujarati Muslims.

    -ANNA favicoled himself at Jantar Mantar against anti corruption. He pissed in the root of Congress which finally broke down.

    -Congress never said that they will push the Pakistani Army from Gulam Kashmir and erase the LoC forever. Nor did they say anything about China.

    -One of the major tactic was to interview Modi by Arnab, inwhich Modi answered all the questions as though he had memorized answers, unlike his previous interview when Arnab assaulted Modi to such an extent that Modi became the source of all flood in region.

    -Even EVM voted for BJP, thats why Muslims votes were also gone to Lotus.

Well, with the will of democracy Modi is gonna be PM of India, lets see how does he prove ki ‘Achchhe Din Aa Gaye.’

And yes, I am planning to buy a farm house in Pok which is going to come back to us. Huh !!


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4 Responses to Congress Down ..!!

  1. very well summarized…


  2. matheikal says:

    One can understand your pain, friend. But the Congress failed in tackling corruption. For the rest, yes, the party did much good – infrastructure development and opening up the economy in a healthy way without going overboard. MMS could have been sterner; but the man was not born to be a politician. Rahul lacked vision and practical thinking too. The alternative we have now elected is a drastic step stemming out of frustration. I only hope it won’t turn out to be a Leviathan.


  3. ...shabab says:

    Thank You Tom for speaking you mind.
    Like you, even I had fedup with UPA. They must have been replaced by better option. My point is if we did it or again we have been befooled. I was worrying about huge sum of funds RIL pumped for Modi, you must have seen how media shown us only the brighter side of coin. Why? Simple! There is throat cut competition and they always need advertisers. No congress, no aap or other were able to sit over the media. Modi did. I wonder how this huge sum would be taken back by RIM.. ? If Modi can reform India, and if he does, I will post a pic of myself touching the feet of Modi. I promise.


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