Heart Stealer

All the citizens of that small town were together today, and busy in discussion with their tension-ridden face. They wanted the solution. But nobody seemed to have an idea and courage to stop what the hellish thing was happening with them.

A town near Allahabad Varanasi Highway was facing the strange and horrible incidents every morning. Animals had started dying off, one by one. In the morning their owners would see them lying outside with missing hearts, leaving a big red hallow in their chest. The people thought it was the work of some kinda animal.

Then, one night a man by the name of Narendra was closing his small shop for the night. It was very late, and he was anxious to get home to his family. He shut off all the lights, then closed the door with a satisfying click. As he turned around to go to his bicyle he saw a dark shape in the distance. He stood still trying to make out what it was. As it got closer, Narendra turned to go. It was the last move he ever made.

Next day they found him with a hole in his chest with no heart in it. This made the town quite worried. They were scared of more people getting killed. And their fear was not senseless. After Narendra, they started finding human bodies without hearts every morning.

They did everything to get rid of what curse they were undergoing, but for no use. People stopped getting out after dusk, entire town would become like ghost town. Yet, they were getting one or another, out of home for some reasons, lying lifeless on a road with no heart in chest.

Finally, one night two brothers, Raj and Vijay, went out to get rid of the problem. What they had for their defence were army knives and cellphones. They said good-bye to their father, and grandmother on the way out.

The two boys decided to split up. One would go by the site of last murder, and the other would wander the streets. If one was attacked they could use their cellphones to contact the other. So they set off, keeping a close eye on the shadows. Nothing seemed to be happening. It was a calm night, and it seemed like they would get home safely. But then suddenly Raj heard a crackling in the bushes behind him. He tried to call his brother, but it was too late.

The figure leaped out of the bushes and tackled him, gouging his chest with its nails. Luckily Vijay heard the commotion, and rushed to help his brother. He leaped through the air and tried to cut off the creatures neck with his knive. But, the creature shielded its neck with its bare hand, in this attempt creature’s two fingers had been chopped off.

The creature screamed and ran. Vijay took Raj to the hospital for first aid. The doctors called them heroes, and finally they got home at 5:00 that morning.

Father was still sleeping, their grandmother gave them hot coffee and listened what had happened last night.

“Tonight we’ll definetly kill that monester.” Raj told her.

Overwhelmed with the bravery of her grandsons, she blessed both of them, and gave painkiller pills, so that they could have good sleep for the night to stay awake and kill that creature.

Boys thanked her and went up to their bedroom, they jumped into the bed and slept almost immedeatly. Neither of them had noticed the hand of their grandmother with two missing fingers before falling in sleeping-pills influenced endless sleep.

At Six O’clock, people found bodies of Raj and Vijay in their own backyard. The hearts were missing.


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  1. R Vyas says:

    This is scary !!!


    • ...shabab says:

      That’s what I have tried to write for …to frighten you. Enjoy the Fear. Thank you for comment, keep writing back to me it encourage a lot.


  2. The twist at the end ! ..great… you know really well how to scare people :-P


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