FDI in Retails can do wonders !!

WALMART is coming along with several others Retail Stores to sell Dal, Chawal, Aloo, Bhindi, Chicken, Meat, Water, Plier, Towel, Mens Underwear, Linen, Sugar, Soaps …on cheap rates and quality would be superb.

With the strange advent of corporates backed Modi, it is just a matter of time when Retail Sector and FDI would become relatives like ‘CROW’ and ‘CUCKOO’…

Aware bloggers and readers know that Crow’s hardwork in the making of his nest goes in vain, because opportunist Cuckoo waits for Kawwa couple to lay eggs, and when it happens, male cuckoo irritatess crow to such an extent that makes crow to chase male Koyal. In the mean time, female koyal throws Kawwa’s eggs out of nest and lays her eggs in there. Poor crow gets back and starts brooding, hatching koyal Andas, knowing not if Anda would produce, a koyal or crow. Far away, Koyal couple takes a flight to Europe for their 17th Honeymoon as both of them bear no family responsibilities. They have Crow Couple to support them in Koyal’s reproduction cycle. How Chatur, how foxy.

I want you to take Indian Retail Sector as Crow and FDI as Cuckoo. Why our PM doesn’t consider the future condition of Retailing Vendors, will Reliance give compensation or priority jobs to those whose Anda would be smashed by Ambani, Walmark, KFC etc. Consider Bloggers.


Foreign Direct Investiment in Retail Sector is seeing as golden opportunity in terms of employment, possibly for HSC and SSC Level with knowledge of ‘kaam chalau’ english. But, how retail FDI can create Jobs and Employment in India.

The much hyped hue and cry about retail FDI in India is catching up newspaper headlines now days. Everyone from street vendor to top politician is showing his/her concern for so called after effects of allowing retail FDI in India.

Much is talked about mass unemployment, a new dawn of foreign controlled companies something like East India Company of British Raj.This debate in public domain is being circulated by and through those who were pro development few years back and great supporters of Retail FDI in India. But now it’s not worth to use for their political road map.

Let us have a look at the same from different perspective.
-Inflation and price rise of essential commodities has become a ritual. We all are suffering from the same. Our anger has started coming out of our hearts in the shape of Anna Hazare movement. This movement may not save millions from our pockets but it allows us to show our anger publicly and collectively.

Without diverting my attention to another topic I just want to add that if Retail FDI in India is allowed, it may solve the problem of a farmer in reaching his food articles directly to the consumer at affordable prices. Role of mediators can be minimized. More jobs and employment can be created in cold storage, supply chain management, sales counter jobs etc. No foreigner is going to come to India for these jobs. We may focus our attention on quality and productivity, leaving the middle role to big companies.

Moreover, if we remember 1991 policies of then Narsimha Rao Government, it was widely publicized that multinationals are going to eat our bread and butter in few years. But we are in commanding position worldwide in many areas, say software, auto, and steel etc. Leaving aside everything; we should allow Retail FDI in India for more job and employment generation.

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2 Responses to FDI in Retails can do wonders !!

  1. matheikal says:

    BJP Election Manifesto says a big NO to FDI in the retail sector.

    At any rate, I don’t know how much good FDI in the retail sector would do to the country. Our very own Ambanis and Tata have only amassed profits for themselves and did little good to the public welfare. If some foreign traders come and make some profit for themselves, why should I mourn? In ancient Greece, traders were not even considered as citizens because they were too selfish and never cared for anything beyond their own profits. Is it any different in the case of today’s traders? So I leave them to themselves.


    • ...shabab says:

      These Selfish ambanis have pumped more than 10K Crores in modi publicity, specially in the making of media ‘biased’, how our pm is gonna refund. From next month RIL controlled LPG is going to be two dollar costlier. First relief to Indian people?


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