X Cities

X cities are the most liberal places on the planet, where nothing is taboo, where sex and drugs are a way to life, where no activity is illegal and there are no laws to govern all this.

Let me enlist some of them I have seen myself.

10. New Orlands:
Two words come to mind about this city and they are Mardi Gras. If you’re looking for a week of festivities, dancing, feasting and drinking consider attending it and trying some of the best Southern food.

9. Macau, China:
Macau is China’s La Vegas. They have so many celebrities, with casinos, shows and performances for the discerning soul. You can even enjoy the service of a massage parlor there. China as a whole is not big on casinos and gambling, so this is your only chance to get in on the action while inside.

8. Pattaya, Thailand:
If Bangkok is the ‘New York’ of Southeast Asia, then Pattaya fits right in as its southern X City. Nightlife abounds in Pattaya with back-to-back beer and Go-Go bars.

7. Manama, Bahrain:
The featured Mancation destination in the Middle East is a modern capital with strong European influence, since 1/3 of the population are foreigners. Bahrain is also the only country in the region that allows alcohol. It’s notorious for it prostitutes, who come from all over Europe and Asia and are best found at the Manama hotels. So welcome to the party oasis of the Middle East. Connected by a causeway to nearby Saudi Arabia, Manama is a popular spot for Saudis to kick back from their country’s restrictive laws.

6. Berlin, Germany:
Prostitution is very much legal in Germany and Berlin is centered at the heart of the industry. There are plenty of red light districts for you to visit and see what can be offered to you.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands:
The Netherlands entire reputation lies in its one city, Amsterdam. A city for foreigners as it is one of the most well-known X cities in the world. This is mainly due to the light drug laws on the distribution of marijuana; it is not uncommon that some of the marijuana cafes can serve up to 5 kilos or more a day of the euphoria inducing drug. The way you can get your high in the city is through tea, in cigarette form, in pies, cakes, brownies and even munching on a bud. The drugs are not the only thing that brings visitors to Amsterdam, it is also the city’s red light district, where you can literally find men and women on display. When the red light is flashing that means that those on display are ready for business …well that is just a more polite way of saying prostitution is legal there.

4. Moscow, Russia:
What happens when a culture that has been bottled for decades finally gets uncorked? Madness! Lunacity! You’ll find every kind of nightclub. Prostitution is illegal, but punishments are often paid off with rubles. You’ll see prostitutes out in the open at tochkas (outdoor markets for prostitutes) or at the city’s clubs.

3. Tijuana, Mexico:
Cross this busy US-Mexico international border station and you may think you have crossed into the Wild West. The 21-year-old drinking age is now 18, illegal prostitution is now legalized and zoned and can be found in the red light district called “La Coahuila.” People on the street can now also solicit prescription drugs and illegal drugs for sale, strip clubs encourage a “hands on” policy with its strippers, and tequila is dirt cheap. Safety is never a priority here.

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

Hot beats and hot beach bodies have long made certain that this hot Brazilian city its number one status as the world’s sexiest city. Throw in a flourishing mountain backdrop, miles of magnificent beaches and the most colorful and sensual street party around -Rio Carnaval.

1. Las Vegas, United States:
Las Vegas is every sinner’s paradise where a friend of mine lost $3500 on one night at a strip club. You can gamble all day and night, including in the airport and prostitution, while not technically legal, is legally known as “escort services.” You’ll see plenty advertised on magazine stands and guys will solicit escort service cards at you as you walk The Strip.

Wait, Wait. Don’t assume that I am those type of businessmen who never bother to keep in mind that they got a family back home. I do.

However, if you are Single and have hot-pocket, just go man and see how colorful your life could be.


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