The Retribution!

the retribution by shabab khan

Honda CRV was zooming ahead like a shooting star over the black tar road of National Highway No. 2 between Kanpur and Varanasi.

Strapped behind the wheel, despite running AC, I was sweatening like hell, my red eyes which were deprived of three consecutive nights of sleep were fixed on the road, and I could sense my foot was making pressure on accelerator, harder and harder. The odometer was showing 122 Kmph mark. But I was oblivious with what I was doing. My mind was hurting by the sharp edges of what she had said few nights back.

‘We are terrible together.’

‘I am no longer interested in this relationship.’

‘I want you to leave me, and wanna destroy every single trace of you from my life.’

‘I don’t care whether you love me or not, but I don’t love you for sure.’

‘WHY?’ I’d asked politely.

But, a Liar remains a Liar, she made me count 50 reasons. All fragile and mostly nonsense.

‘You’d promised that you will stay mine forever.’ I was almost broken.

‘Promises? I have never given my words. Don’t call me ever.’
* *

After this conversation, I called some of my connections in UP Crime Branch’s Cyber Cell. They tracked her phone and within 48 hours I had been told that she was in contact with one of her oldest schoolmate.

It was a hard slap on my feelings. It was a humiliation. I loved her for the last four years, and believed she loved me too. But, the facts were before me, I can never forgive her, she knew that.

When I entered Varanasi, it was 3:30 and at 3:55 I stopped the SUV infront of a peach colored single storey house. I parked the car next to 7ft high fence. Opened the built-in cabinet in dashboard, took out my Italian 9mm handgun, checked the magazine, it was full, I removed the safety clips, pulled the auto-loader …it took a bullet out of magazine and set it into the barrel, ready to go, rest of the bullets would come up automatically, one by one.

Next moment, I was on the roof of CRV, then inside the boundary. A door which was to separate the living area from compound was locked, I took 2 minutes in opening the lock.

Air coolers were on, and filling cool air in rooms, but with a sound, that suppresses other minor clangs and clicks. I crossed the corridor, now standing infront of her room, I tried to listen to make sure if she was talking to someone on phone. I found silence.

I opened the door and entered. Lights were off but side lamp was enough to glow her bed. She was lying on her bed. An open diary was on the bed. I set my finger on trigger and reached the bed. And immedeatly, I felt a pang, that made my knees powerless.

Her left wrist was hanging down the bed, slit opened. Blood was still dropping from wound and spilling on the floor. I tried to sense her breathing with hand. It wasn’t. Then I checked her heart beats and pulse. Everything, as if was switched off. She was lifeless. She was dead.

SHOCKED !! I took the diary and saw the opened page. “I broken Magnet’s heart (i was magnet). His love was pure, I couldn’t cope with it. Life will be tough for him, I am sorry for him, but I don’t want to be dishonest to him.

Previous pages told me how her old schoolmate called her at his home, for a party, and gave her party drug in soft drink. Then gang raped her.

I was there to punish her because she was supposed to have betrayed me, what i found was her loyality much purer than mine. I text a message to one of my men with name and details of her friend, and in the end I wrote, “KILL THEM SLOWLY.”

I removed my shoes. Settled next to her on the bed, dragged her icey cold body as close as I could. Raised and put her head on my chest …my nose into her hair. Thats the same old mesmerising smell.

“You should have told me everything. I Love You.” I whispered into her ear, squeezed her body as she always wanted me to hug her. And next moment, with a sharp bang pieces of my skull and brain along with white smoke were all over in her room.

The Retribution I was there for was over.

* * *


About Shabab Khan

A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media houses. Twitter Handle:@khantastix
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  1. A nice story..with a tragic ending though…


    • ...shabab says:

      Yes, it was to be tragic because she had decided herself to kill her without telling me what had happened to her. Message is clear you can not decide the future of a relationship on your own.
      Thank you.


  2. lancequadras says:

    Good story..
    A gripping end.


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