Wittiest Wife


I slowly opened an eye and checked vibrating screen of my cellphone, it was one of my oldest friend Dinesh, but why is he calling at 2:30 AM.

‘A criminal doesn’t have scheduled plans.’ I sighs.

I receive the call, and without wasting a second Dinesh starts speaking.

Krishna Mall mein, my younger bro ‘Sugreev’ shoot a man, but he couldn’t escape. Police has just arrived.’

Though Dinesh was my friend, the call was for my wife Anjali.

I looked at her, lying next to me, sleeping like ‘Kumbhakarn’. I shook her shoulder, ‘Anjali’.

‘Aaj Nahi.’ she moaned.

‘Abe getup. Dinesh is on line.’ I replied.

It was her devotion toward her profession, that she instantly wokeup and snatched the phone.

‘What happened Dinesh ji?’

He told her.

‘Any Eye Witness?’

‘Three. All of them saw clearly what happened in Mall.’

‘Where are they right now? Your brother, police and witness? In police station?’

‘No. They are still in Mall.’

‘OK. Let me see.’

She put the phone down. Thoughtful, as though she was digging a perfect plan to save a murderer, thats what a Lawyer does.

I came into the Kitchen, prepared a pot of black coffee. She likes it when she needs to find a strategy to beat public prosecutor in court.

I gave a cup of coffee and took mine, we settled in balcony.

‘So what are you going to do? Are you going to be Sugreev’s attorney?’

Still in thought, she mindlessly said, ‘You know the legal meaning of Three Prime Witness.’

‘Even Dinesh knows honey, thats why he loves to hire you everytime he stuck.’

‘You and Your Dinesh Bhai.’ She said.

Dinesh was a gangester, who not once but twice saved my life from a gang, which was behind me to get extortion money. Dinesh cleaned that 5 men gang, thats how he came into my contact. He hired Anjali his attorney and paid her fees. And, Anjali never disappointed him, she always won the cases for him, that made the media appreciated her wits and skills in Legal Business. Within two years of joining Bar council, she’d made such an impact that even judges wanted her to argue in his/her court.

It was almost 4 O’clock in the morning, I started watching TV, while she was busy making a strategy.

Then all of the sudden, she rose and started punching numbers in phone.

First call connected, ‘Yes, Times of India.’
What Anjali said shook me, ‘Listen, Gangester Dinesh’s brother killed somebody in Krishna, police is also there. Advocate Anjali would be there soon to defend Sugreev.’ And she cuts the line.

Next to Indian Express, then News Channels, she gifted all the information.

Finally, she turned toward me. ‘I got to go Krishna Mall around 5.30, will you drop me?’

Then she sensed what was I thinking about her news spreading stunt. And, she said, ‘Trust me baby.’

At 5:35 I stopped the SUV near Mall, Anjali gets out and moved ahead. I was behind her.

‘Ms. Anjali.’ somebody calls her. ‘I am from Star News. Anjali ji, are you going to defend Dinesh bro?’

‘Who told you about this?’ she managed surprised expression.

‘A little bird told us what is happening inside’.

In next 5 minutes, entire media gathered there. She managed to get inside. Inside she took signs of murderer to represent him legally. She talked to police and Mall authority, and took a glimpse of three witnesses. Safe and totally secure, they were going to make the government hang her client.

Finally Police took the arrested Sugreev and moved towards exit, Anjali was walking next to her client.

Here opens the exit door, and dozens of Camera and Flashes started targeting Anjali and her client. Then came a flood of questions.

‘Ms. Anjali why did your client kill the man inside?’

‘Are you going to plea for Not Guilty?’

‘Don’t you think this time police has strong case?’

She responded, ‘Excuse me.’
Next day, at 7:00AM when I opened the newspaper, Anjali and Sugreev were on front page. In all the newspapers and news channels, they were being telecasted.

‘My God.’ I whispered.

Dinesh called me and started argueing, ‘Tumhari wife ne marwa dia mere bhai ko.’ I had no answer.

I looked at Anjali, and gave phone to her, ‘Dinesh Ji, now those three star witnesses of police will need to prove in court that they have’nt seen Sugreev on TV or in a Newspaper, but in Mall when he shoot the victim. Do you think they can prove it?’ and line went off.

I looked at her unbelievingly. She is a wittiest lawyer. I stood up, hugged her and whispered into her ear, ‘Brilliant! I am so proud of you.’ And, I felt her arms pulling me towards her.


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