DIE..!! but not today..


We All Gonna Die

…for me, I am also gonna die but Not Today. Yes, not today, because I have certain things to be done, and I am well determined not to die before I do what I am here for …to achieve, to win, to regain, to settle the account.


…how would I? Until and unless fulfill all my dreams and the dreams of those whom I love the most, honestly.

Max shut his mind to everything but the trackless waste ahead of him. The sun and the black flies were unbearable and there was no place to hide.

There were thorn trees, but their branches had been laid to waste by the elephants. Max was almost totally blinded by the sun. His fair skin was burned raw, and he was constantly dizzy. Each time he took a breath of air, his lungs seemed to explode. He was no longer walking, he was stumbling, putting one foot infront of the other, mindlessly lurching ahead.

One afternoon, with the midday sun beating down on him, he slumped to the ground, too tired to take another step. He tried to get up, but the effort was too great. It would be so easy just to lie in the middle of that deadly ‘Namib’ desert forever and never have to take another step.

And then, he heard a strange noise above his head. Vultures were encircling him, waiting for him to close his eyes to start their feast. ‘You have two choices,’ Max told himself. You can go on or you can stay here and die. . .and die. . .and die. The words echoed endlessly in his head. ‘You can take one more step,’ Max thought. ‘Come on, Max dear. One more step. One more step. One more step…

Finally, he reached the place where Diamonds are supposed to be found. On the bank of river in red soil he started collocting diamonds as he found several diamonds, big and small. The boy who did this was the founder of DE BEERS- biggest organization in the trading of Diamonds.


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  1. lancequadras says:

    Good story… We all have choices… Our choices define us.


  2. Ananya Kiran says:

    INteresting post !


  3. indrani says:

    Very inspiring.


  4. Such a nice post..really inspiring… :-)


  5. ...shabab says:

    Shukriya Karam Meharbani …


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