Begger Meets Begger

A Film’s title is supposed to give the idea of basic storyline. But, in Film Industries Bollywood, Hollywood or others are determine to be in spotlight. And, it is for film promo, publicity… Good or Bad intentionally or whatever some guys with rotton ‘dangerous little knowledge’ come up with Stupid, Technical, Over – Creative, Ridiculous, senselessly weird and ridiculous title makes the people curious, consequently drive them to nearest Multiplex.
Take a Crime Drama, set in the backdrop of 1989 at Mumbai. The film was block buster.
funny title

This Chapter will let you know some film titles with ‘KHANTASTIC Hot Spice Effects’.


50. Albert Pinto ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai
49. Salim Langde Pe Matt Ro.
48. Fukrey
47. Do Haath 100 Bandooken
46. Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola
45. Aag Lagaa Do
Saawan Ko
44. Aag Lagi Barsaat Mein
43. Aage Mod Hai
42. Aashiq CID
41. Aawaara Abdulla
40. Aawaara Baap
39. Baazaar Band Karo!
38. Aurat Pair Ki Jooti Nahin
37. Aawaara Ladki
36. Aawaara Shahzadi
35. Aawaara Shahzada
34. Mr. Super Man Ki Waapsi
33. Actress Kyon Bani
32. Bambai Raat Ki Baho’n Mein
31. Ankur Maina Aur Kabootar
30. Arvind Desai Ki Ajab Dastan
29. Bada Kabootar
28. Badhti Ka Naam Daadhi (Beard)
27. Begger Girl Of Agra
26. Bhaai Aakhir Bhaai Hota Hai
25. Hamaari Nai Teacher
24. Gyaarah Hazaar Larkiyaan
23. Hamen Khelne Do
22. Brandi Ki Botal
21. Bhediyon Ka Samooh
20. Bhai Hi Kasai
19. Ghar Mein Ho Saali to Pure Saal Diwali
18. Shin Shinaki Bubla Boo
17. Kahaan Kahaan Se Guzar Gaya
16. Car Ka Badla
15. Professor And Jaadugar
14. Premi Ganga Ram
13. Chor Chor Chhup Ja
12. Dagaabaaz Doctor
11. Murde Ki Jaan Khatre Mein
10. Dhobi Doctor
09. Saali Puri Gharwali
08. Tin Tin Tin
07. Haa Hee Hee Hoo Hoo
06. Mita De Bindiya Utha Le Bandook
05. Begger Meets Begger
04. Dahej Ke Seene Par
03. Ek Aurat Do Joote
02. Dhoti Lota Aur Chupati
01. BIWI No. 2

Besides, we have been offered movies with titles having double meanings, Dada Kodke was the legendary title creature. It would not be good to mention those names.

Movies are meant to entertainment, if a movie makes you get rid of today’s stress life offers, the movie would be good, atleast for me.



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  1. R Vyas says:

    Interesting post. I have never heard some of the names you’ve mentioned, they sure are weird ! :)


  2. ...shabab says:

    Thanks for comment. It proves that apart from movie itself its title can be entertaining, like AAGE MOD HAI,


  3. Pratik Kirve says:

    Apart from above title, I also found titles of south indian movies very interesting when they are dubbed in hindi.. :D :D


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