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Once upon a time there was an IITian, having irresistible wish to involve in Social Work. Intention was to change the course of progress India was heading on.

Our engineer luckily found a Retd. Army Major who once have beaten a theif to death with a mob of villagers and tied the chor on a tree’s trunk, so that no other Chor from neighboring villages could ever dare to repeat what the victim had done. He had stolen a bag of wheat from Major’s Godown. How cruel, horrible, maniac, violent the major was who took the charge of Law and Order in his own hand. Anyways, no chor came back, and Retd. Major became popular in a cluster of villages of Maharashtra. Retd, that popularity led him to success and consequently, he was made to sit on Jantar-Mantar, from where he shook the deep rooted foot of corruption.


During this Sit-in Dharna, sporting a Gandhi topi this Retd. Major got his Leuitinent who was a qualified engineer but gave up his career for social works, he was Arvind Kejriwal, and the little old man in topi aka Major was Anna Hazare.

Major is Anna Hazare- the Gandhian, believer of Non Voilence. I am sure Major Saab was the result of most advanced Transformer in the world, you see there is a Major difference between Army Major and Non-Violence introducer Gandhi.

The Lokpal Bill Anna had gone for Hunger Strike is still in dense clouds of uncertainty, while assets of Hazare has gone high in the sky, I am not saying that even Anna had been greased. No, its donation. The corruption demon proved to be an immortal virus, now written in our DNA.

The engineer Kejriwal after the departure of Anna started a political party, named it AAM AADMI PARTY, which was instant hit as the associates who joined the party were from top surgeon, professors, Engineers, Ex Diplomats to Ex IPS, IAS, PCS Officers. Kejriwal came against unbeatable Sheila Dixit in Delhi Assembly polls and recorded a huge victory. Kejriwal becomes CM of Delhi and Nayak of India who was admired by media all over the world. He was called Nayak like Anil Kapoor was in Bollywood’s NAYAK. Like Anil Arvind started suspending officials, and started making promises which seemed like impossible.

This CM did almost every possible mistake, like denying CM’s Official Residence, Official Red Beconed Ambassador, he never wore white Kurta Payjama but stayed living in Pant, Shirt and an iconic Muflar… As he did all these things he became masala on facebook and twitter.

Ridiculously, he made a list of corrupt politicians and shown his hatred and future action against them, and made it public.

But, the worst mistake he made was to lodge FIR against some top politician and Mukesh Ambani. This was the first chance when Ambani was force to go for bail.

Going against Ambani was the turning point. As Kejriwal resigned like a child, media became totally against him. He has been made a joker, a psycho.

Rest is history. Anna credit goes to Modi, Arvind foolishness goes to Modi, congress had already been sidelined by Anna. When Media started sweet chimes in Modi’s favour everybody knows who is paying for this. Yes, Ambani bought entire media, and they wrote about Modi like he was a God. Ambani, by the way, proved that even your own personal opinion can be bought if price is right.

Author is an Enterprenuer.


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