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One of my close friends is working in women’s helpline cell. She told me that more than genuine calls they are flooded with blank and abusive calls from people.

Though they get blank calls throughout the day, abusive calls generally come at the night. It becomes really difficult for operators to talk to them and later sought their seniors’ help to sort things out.

The seniors warn them against dire consequences but of it’s of no use. I don’t understand how people can be so insensitive? I am surprised people don’t understand the gravity of their acts.

Recently, one of my Club’s Members in Cawnpur Club told what happened to him that literally turned his life into worse nightmare despite the fact that he is DIG Kanpur Range.

Out of nowhere, he started receiving calls from random numbers. Callers would ask for Rajesh Ji. First DIJ thought it might be wrong connection, then he found everybody seems to have dialled his number just to bother him by asking him to connect to Rajesh. Finally, he took the numbers on survillance. To his surprise, nobody had called his number, ever. Infact, Rajesh in demand had set the cop’s no. in Call Divert/ Forward Option where his calls are to be diverted unconditionally.

My friend received a call late at night where a drunken man started saying unnecessary things to her, only to have some fun. Fun! Really?

There are times when the officials trace their numbers and warn them through smses. And if still they don’t improve then stringent measures are taken against them. Don’t these stupid people realize that because of their acts some genuine callers get sidelined as they are not able to call or complain?

So guys, keep in mind that someone is waiting out there for you to explain your problem in order to solve it. Helpline of any type i.e. 100, 102, 108, 1098 etc. are meant to alert the emergency services for your benefit, don’t misuse.



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5 Responses to Help Emergency Lines…

  1. Nimi says:

    Why do fools do foolish things? Disgusting that even helpline nos. have deal with stupid prank callers.


  2. ...shabab says:

    Hi Nimi, thanks for ur remark. Yes, we are closely surrounded by trouble makers, and helpline no., are quite vulnerable as they are usually free… Even, they do not hesitate to call PCR No. 100.


  3. Time for us start a citizens charter and go about prank calls as intimidating then people will behave themselves.


  4. These prank calls are so irritating …


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