The Ravine [Concludes]

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and, “what did he want? Car, cash, money?” and, “how did he slip into the car with power locks?” Doors could not be opened without my knowledge.

“Drive Reverse.” I heard a deep voice as though somebody was speaking inside a well. And I found myself obeying him like a machine. The car rolled back some 300 meters.

“STOP.” My foot applied brakes.

“Turn Hi Beam On.” I did it.

“Now Drive ahead with full power, crush the bodies on road.” And I found myself shifting the vehicle into the power gear, pressing the accelerator harder and harder along with clutch. The engine was generating fullpower at 00 speed. Wheels were striving to shoot like a bullet as soon as clutch was released. This was my way to bring the SUV to the top speed from its intact point.

‘NO’, my innerself warned me. You are going to kill the victims. I tried to cut the engine but in vain.

“GO”, I heard. And my foot released the clutch.

With a roar of engine and screaching tyres, the SUV took 4 secs in reaching the 80KMPH speed, and it was approching toward the helpless unconscious people. My will was to apply immediate brakes but my body was being remote controlled. Have I been hypnotised? No, I was very well aware of what was happening.

I was going to be murderer.

The accident spot was coming closer and closer.

100 Meters.

50 Meters.

20 Meters, and I closed my eyes shut, while hardened the grip over steering wheel as vehicle was about to jump a bit, my body was ready to bear the jerk, to be generated by crushing the two human bodies.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes. Without any bump or jump I had crossed the accident spot. My foot was stuck to gas paddle and I was running at 125Kmph. Then slowly I tried to cut the speed. And it happened.

I applied the brakes and SUV stopped normally. I got out of car, and looked back.

The accident site was crowded with 20 or so people. They all were holding swords, axes or other weapons. All staring toward my direction, waving their weapons in the air.

There was no bodies on road. They had rolled to safety, sensing my car was not to stop.

‘MY GOD! It was a trap.’

I was thankful to the old man who saved my life. I got into the car and turned back to rear seat to tell him how thankful was I.

The rear seat was empty. I looked ahead and found my handgun on dashboard intact.

I took a deep breath, looked into the sky and I said, ‘Thank You Dad. I know it was you.’ I pressed the gas paddle and zoomed like an arrow. I wiped my wet eyes, it was, perhaps, the dry wind coming through the driver’s window.

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    Wow! What a story! Blessing in disguise.


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