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System to be Rebooted !

SOCIETY Instead of Community-based Reservation, Income-based Reservation should be adopted, like people in below poverty line, certain percentage should also be allotted for rural students. ~CRITERIA to get Benefited: Urgent Need or a tag of SC/ST/OBC. The current structure for … Continue reading

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The Golden City

TRAVEL ABU DHABI may not be as flashy as Dubai, but it is without a doubt evolving into a capital of culture. Rich in more ways than one, with a Zaha Hadid Concert Hall and a branch of the Louvre … Continue reading

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Intercaste Marriage Unplugged !

You would think an intercaste marriage is one in which the two spouses are of different castes, or possibly subcastes. So why do people call a marriage intercaste when a Maharashtrian Brahmin from Mumbai marries a white guy from France? … Continue reading

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Crime Capital !!

What the hell is happening in the capital of crimes- Bihar. And why rest of the India don’t get news from Bihar. Are all those criminal activities being taken as ‘nothing new.’ We have seen worst condition in Prakash Jha’s … Continue reading

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TRENDS: Childless Couples !!

So, you are married today, whats next? Ofcourse honeymoon. Huh, abé aagé ka kya? Family? Kids? Well, let a year or so pass without any sign of kid, and you’ll be sorry to get married. Some highly educated nuclear guys … Continue reading

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Furnishing the World !!

— Home Furnishing products are zooming high in export market. Everybody wants a home, tastefully furnished with luxuries to impress. A fast emerging economy in the world of home textiles, India produces a wide range of products, including home furnishings, … Continue reading

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An Unforgetable Marriage !!

A Mumbai local takes fifty six minutes to reach CST from Nerul, Navi Mumbai, but when your intention is to board a long distance train, a single minute delay can cause bouts of anxiety to run down your spine, especially … Continue reading

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Money Making: Its Not That Tough

We, the Indians are taken as obsessed with Gold which we use at the time of financial crisis or we simply lock it into our lockers. But now, we can invest passive gold with banks and earn extra grams as … Continue reading

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BAKRA Special !!

‘Zindagi to Bewafa hai ek din thukkrayegi;Maut Mehbooba hai apne saath lekar jayegi… In a remote village in India, lived a Zamindar (Zaw-mean-där: wealthy landlord). He had a strong handsome Horse and a Big Fat Goat, infact a ‘he-goat’ to … Continue reading

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IMPACT: Men’s Top Clothing Brand

IMPRESSION & IMPACT Top 10 Best Clothing Brands for Men in 2014 When it comes to fashion and trend, then the clothing brands are not only for women and children but also are for men. I must say today’s male … Continue reading

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