Brain Drain


How Scholarships or a financial aid is distributed? Who is benefited, meritorious students or OBC, SC/ST or other tag holders? Have a look.

I had come across a datasheet recently containing report showing that 21 per cent of Indians discontinue studies due to financial

This data makes me wonder with the question — what kind of financial support is being extended to Indians who want to study but do not have the means.

The graphic, (above), shows scholarships available to Indians as reported by the 64th round of the National Sample Survey.

As per the survey, only 12 per cent of Indian households received any scholarship. Further, the graphic shows the reasons for granting scholarships.

Other Backward Classes(OBC), Scheduled Classes and Scheduled Tribes(SC/ST) account for 38, 33 and 23 per cent of scholarships respectively, leaving only 2 per cent for the financially weak and 0.7 per cent for merit based.

Note that this data includes scholarships received from any agency (Government or other) by students between the ages of 5 and 29.

Only 0.7% brains get a push toward what they call ‘financial support’, other get the big chunk on the basis of give and take policey. You know ‘Vote Bank’ is the most successful policey ever made in World History.

Just think, a student with 98% marks is dumped for an OBC tagged Black Sheep with 49% who is granted Rs. 15 Hundred Thousand, for higher studies abroad. It makes me feel like we are surrounded by blood sucker parasites, who suck blood of tax payers to make them spineless creep to be killed by the jackals of international market.

I hope our beloved and super eloquent PM Modi Ji will look into it and prevent the brain draining by establishing a flawless distribution system.

Courtesy: National Sample Survey, Govt of India.

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