Mistaken Identity

pritam and asim trivedi
Twins? Or both are same…?

Shockwaves coursed through the music industry on Monday, when Mumbai police arrested music composer Pritam early in the day. He was held in police custody for about three hours before the Mumbai police realized their mistake and released him.

The entire scene was created due to a mis-understanding, according to the police department; Pritam had been mistaken for cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, leading to all the drama.

Pritam was understandably relieved by the end of the ordeal when he was given a clear idea of the situation. I personally spoke to the music director shortly after his release.

“I was listening to some African music in the studio, trying to find a good tune to use in my next movie. All of a sudden, someone started banging on my door. Initially I thought they were drum beats that were part of the song I was listening to. Only when the song stopped, did I realise that the beats continued. I opened the door to find the police standing there with an arrest warrant. I quietly followed them to the police van and went behind bars,” said Pritam.

On being asked why he didn’t resist arrest, he replied, “Yaar, I thought I was being arrested for copying music for so many years. Everyone knew I had done it. I had no defence! So I went without creating the scene.” When asked how he felt after he was released, Pritam said, “I was relieved of course. And then you have to look at the positive side too. The tune I was listening to combined with the slamming on the door sounded wonderful. I’ll be using it in recording tomorrow itself. Watch out for my next hit.”

Mumbai police issued an apology to Pritam for the trouble. “We hadn’t noticed the name of the person to be arrested. We just saw the photo and knew at once it was Pritam. So we rushed to arrest him. We were able to sort things out when we saw another team arresting an identical chap on TV and learnt that it was some cartoonist by the name of Aseem Trivedi who sketched the cartoon of Murli and Advani after they were dropped from the (TTT) Think Tank Team of BJP.” said Senior Inspector Dayanahi Nayak.

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