BAKRA Special !!

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‘Zindagi to Bewafa hai ek din thukkrayegi;
Maut Mehbooba hai apne saath lekar jayegi…

In a remote village in India, lived a Zamindar (Zaw-mean-där: wealthy landlord). He had a strong handsome Horse and a Big Fat Goat, infact a ‘he-goat’ to be precise. Yes! Obviously, both were very good friends.

They would live in a shed in Zamindar’s backyard. Horse would tell the goat about how his master took Bheekhu’s pair of oxen, in lieu of Rs. 500 he borrowed two years back when his wife was in critical stage.

And how Zamindar thrashed Manku when he had been caught in Zamindar’s farm of Guava. He had already plucked 5-6 soft juicey fruits. Zamindar’s men had beaten Manku until they found his beats had gone long ago.

Every story the horse had witnessed, told his friend. And, in the end, both would curse their owner before falling in sleep.

Zamindar saheb was fond of morning ride, he would ride on horse back and wander around the village, making everybody to wish him and get jealous as well.

Everything was perfectly moving on until one day horse got some kind of viral infection and collapsed in shed with high fever and bodyache.

When Zamindar came to know about the health of horse. He came himself to shed, only to be worried as the horse was the pride of Zamindar.

Zamindar called a Vet from town. Doctor examined the horse and gave some medicines to horse and told, ‘Give these medicine to horse, he should be alright within three days otherwise you’ll will have to kill him to prevent, spreading the virus among other animals in villages.

Horse had been given medicine on time. Servants would brush his body, and give massage to horse and feed him Dry Fruits fried in pure ghee. But nothing happened on first day. Doc came again, examined and said, ‘No improvements.’

‘Lets see for two more days.’

Day Two.

Horse was still sick and he was shivering. Now his friend the goat started worrying. He said, ‘Come on friend, get up. You need to be ok, otherwise they will kill you.’

Second Day.

‘No, he is still sick. Wait for a day.’ said Doc after examining the horse’s anatomy.

Anxious Goat would ask, ‘Come on friend, you gotta stand up, it doesn’t matter whether you are sick or not, you need to show them that you are ok.’ Goat was trying his best to boost the energy of horse to save his life.’

It was the last day. The Day Three. The Deadline was over. And, the horse was in bad condition, weak and sick.

But… the optimistic Goat had not given up till now. Determined to save his friend’s life, he was encouraging the horse, ‘Hey friend, you have a powerful body, you are damn strong, you can do it. Just make your mind. Come on, get up. Quick, doctor is about to visit.’

Horse couldn’t move.

Fifteen Minutes later, doctor arrived and he made a proper checkup. Noted something and asked the Zamindar’s servants, ‘Go! Tell your boss that we need to kill the horse.’ And, doc was on his way back to drawing room.

Goat was yelling and crying, and provoking, ‘Now you have no time. Just get up and run. Run until Zamindar see you running. Get up. Get up. Are you impotent? Get up, you jerk, you stupid mindless animal. Get up…’ And he didn’t stop.

When Zamindar saheb came to know about sick horse and infection. He felt sorry for horse but he had no option. He got to do what doc had say.

‘Wasim, take your axe and come with me.’ Horse head was to be blown off at one go with axe for owner didn’t want to give his horse a painful death. They opened the door to backyard.

Horse was running smoothly, encircling the backyard. He had no sign of sickness.

In the shed was standing the Goat, smiling.

‘So, my medicines worked. Your horse is quite well, sir.’ said the doctor.

Zamidar was so happy as his favourite horse had been treated well for healthy life. He was happy enough to announce in excitement, ‘Its a miracle to me. Tonight we all will celebrate. Then he ask the cook to prepare ‘Mutton Biryani.’ He gave order while his eyes were fix on big fat goat’s body.

Since the day whenever somebody is befooled, specially by himself, he/she is called BAKRA.

Shayad Yehi Zindagi Hai Doston..!! If you liked this bakra special post, leave a comment. It feeds my head to weave another short story.

Be Blessed.

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