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Top 10 Best Clothing Brands for Men in 2014
When it comes to fashion and trend, then the clothing brands are not only for women and children but also are for men. I must say today’s male models and actors have made the common guys conscious about their look, personality and outfits. This is why a lot of clothing brands for men have been seen rocking the worldwide markets. Let’s see which are the top 10 best clothing brands for men in 2014.

10. Acrylick:
Acrylick is new men’s brand in the market. It has so far brought a lot of wonderful and eye catching shirts, trousers and t-shirts for the fashion lovers.

9. Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein is a famous under garments’ brand for men. The quality of its outfits, perfumes and sportswear is always awesome and highly admirable.

9. Calvin Klein:
This company rely on Indian and Chinese manufacturers. They supply them garments, leather, footwear at very cheap prices, with compromising the quality. This famous brand comes with a twenty per cent less price tag.

8. Armani:
For those who want to look stylish and cool all the time, Armani is a brand of prominence. It is rocking the American and European markets for many years and we also have the chance to view many of Armani Asian suitings in the markets of India, Pakistan and China.

7. Diesel:
Diesel is a vibrating Italian clothing brand for men. Before you could approach a fashion, Diesel unveils it officially. Thus we can say it knows very well how to cater the needs of the young men and fulfill their fashion requirements in an effective way.

6. CLSC:
CLSC has so far given us various sports outfits. It won’t be wrong to say that CLSC is a dominating men’s brand in 2014 which has gifted us numerous sports clothes and under garments of top notch quality.

5. Fred Perry:
Fred Perry is a successful brand of America. It is especially known for its sports-wear and street-wear. It was established in 1940 and since then the graph of Fred Perry is very high. You can always have the opportunity to enjoy some iconic designs, styles and ideas in the current fashion ranges of Fred Perry.

4. J.Crew:
J.Crew is one of the best and favorite American brands for men. It is not only famous in America, but also in other parts of the world.

J.Crew guarantees outstanding styles and fabrics to its users and this is why it always touches the skies whenever comes with newer ranges of outfits.

3. Hugo Boss:
Hugo Boss is a popular German clothing brand for men. It has a complete range of men’s products, from under garments to outfits and from watches to perfumes everything can be have under one distinctive name of Hugo Boss.

2. Levi’s:
Levi’s is operating since 1853, but it never happened that it couldn’t complete the trends and fashion appeals of the era. The blue jeans of Levi’s are always in trend and comes in quality fabrics and distinctive designs.

1. Tommy Hilfiger:
Tommy Hilfiger is really the fighter and a fantastic clothing brand for men. It was established in 1985 with an aim to let the men feel the same perfect fashion oriented outfits as the women usually have. I must say it is the most distinctive and so far a successful clothing brand for men in the list of top 10 best clothing brands for men in 2014.

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