Intercaste Marriage Unplugged !

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You would think an intercaste marriage is one in which the two spouses are of different castes, or possibly subcastes. So why do people call a marriage intercaste when a Maharashtrian Brahmin from Mumbai marries a white guy from France? Is there a French caste?

Many of us unthinkingly describe marriages between individuals of different communities and faiths as Intercaste. And oddly enough, when we actually talk about caste, we avoid using the word. Instead, we coyly say “ours”.

For example: “Do Maharashtrian brides have to pay dowry? In ours, we have to give a lot.”

I’ve even heard “language” used as a synonym for caste or community. For example: “In our language, we cook Dal like this.”

Can anyone blame non-Indians for being clueless about the caste “system”? Of course, one way to get rid of the confusion would be to just junk caste identity altogether, and consider ourselves and others as individuals.

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