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half girlfriend

“RUNAWAY GIRL” is what Chetan Bhagat should have titled his latest book ‘HALF GIRL FRIEND’.

Riya Somani, a rich marwaadi tycoon’s daughter from posh Aurangzeb Road of South Delhi has a passion for Basket Ball, as her remarkable (5.9″) height allows her to compete with other chhoti girls. I understand Chetan taught her Basketball as he needed a believeable plot to make the prettiest gal to meet rustic lead character, Madhav, who is ofcourse a state level player of Basketball. I am thankful to Chetan to let us know that Bihar has a state’s Basketball team.

Don’t laugh guys. Chetan even told us that Madhav who is faraway from a language called English, is applied for an admission in prestigeous and top college of India, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. But, how would he sought the goddamn admission with their 100% cut off procedure. Here rescues the Basketball. Chetan makes the coach Bihari, working as a basketball coach whose origin is also Bihar, Voila. Thanks to Stephen’s Sports Quota.

So guys, during trails Riya Somani and Madhav Jha meet. Madhav, who is gonna be a MADDY, MAD, MADDOW in a future movie to be made based on this book. Here, my mind reminds me the Basketball court shared by shared by Rahul (SRK) and Anjali (Kajol) in KJO’s KKHH.

Well, a story of rich gal equipped with lots of ‘F’ words and slangs, befriends a typical Bihari boy, who thinks in Bhojpuri, eats in Bhojpuri, and even tries in Bhojpuri with a slang ‘dena hai toh de nahi to kat le’. Oops! Riya must have understood that Bhojpuri is a language of verbal abuses. She didn’t and drops out, married to an NRI Hotelier Rohan and settled in London.

Madhav, who is damn honest with himself becomes more honest, to an extent that he speaks honestly even in an interview with HSBC HR Panel. And you know what? He is immediatly got selected for his ‘show-me-the-mirror’ kinda attitude. But, as I told you he is a typical Bihari, who lets himself interviewed and on selection opts to go back to his native place, where he is a prince and his Ma is Rajmaata. Don’t use your minds guys. We still have Raja Digvijay, Raja Bhaiyya, Rani Vasundhara Raje. So our Madhav comes back to his rotten Haveli in Dumraon Village, exists somewhere in Buxar District of Bihar.

Rajmata, arrey Madhav’s Mom, runs a school, having a strength of 700 children, but the school doesn’t have a toilet, thats what Bill Gates arrives for. Yes, yes, he himself arrives and grants an aid of 50K US Dollars. Don’t forget buddy, you are reading Chetan Bhagat.

Madhav almost becomes a tea totaller ‘Devdas’. And spent himself in school and its maths class, yet he never forgets Riya who kicked his ass just because of a Bhojpuri slang people use quite frequently. When we find Madhav burried in works, all of a sudden, three or so years later, Riya bumped into Madhav again. This time, she is different, she knows the life and who doesn’t give Madhav four packets of Parle G Buscuits, which she did before dropping out. This time, she lets the Madhav help her in finding an apartment in Patna. Yes, Riya in Patna, working for Nestlé. How original.

They came closer and closer, but before Madhav could try again, she runs away, this time to die as she found that she has lung cancer which has a countdown mechanism, set to blow in 3 months. She doesn’t want to break Madhav, she lets herself shattered and silently eloped, without giving a clue of her final destination.

As I said above, you are reading Chetan, here begins the ride on emotional roller coaster. You will cry. You’ll sympathisize Madhav, whose love is dead, whose darling ran away again, leaving a hard copy of letter she typed in MS-WORD.

Can Bhagat make a dead girl alive? Or Madhav will do something like CID ACP Praddyuman? Let it stay secret, because Chetan somehow managed to give a shocking twist to this story, that is grippling and heart pounding.

Overall, its a good book with lots of predictable losts and founds. Half girlfriend is a simple drama without rich and poor collision, it is full of gags new breed likes, and you’ll like, just don’t use your head.

Three and a half out of Five to Half Girlfriend. We don’t expect Shakesphere kinda intellectual stuff from Bhagat’s Novel, and thats what he wrote, a simple love story in a language masses need not to look for an Oxford Dictionary.

Go for it. Its a good time-pass thing you can read in your train journey.

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