Amazing India !!


India is a country of contrasts, contradictions and chaos. It’s often said about India that where something is true, the opposite will also be true.

Talking of Indians, they attract several stereotypes – which often define them just right. But if you’re looking for an excuse to laugh in India, you don’t need to go that deep. All you need to do is keep looking around, and something funny will leave you laughing out loud.

A Collection of photos, taken at various parts of India. These photos will bring a smile on your face, and you’ll say, ‘it happens only in India.’

AMAZING INDIA: Matka Pepsi in Kanpur.

ICC WC 2011
AMAZING INDIA: Deewangi as India Won ICC World Cup 2011.

AMAZING INDIA: Jugaad and Adventure, Pune.

AMAZING INDIA: Macho Dada, Varanasi.

AMAZING INDIA: Like Indra Dev, here comes Hayward 500 Dev.

AMAZING INDIA: Land of Bazigars is India.

AMAZING INDIA: Exclusive Lakme Saloom for Cow, New Delhi.

AMAZING INDIA: No, there is no Tom Cruise or Jackie Chein is on shoot, nor is it doctored by photoshop tool. These stunts are comman as law of gravity doesn’t apply on the people of India. Will you believe that both trains are heading towards opposite directions?

AMAZING INDIA: Latest Model of a convertable car.

AMAZING INDIA: What kind of prayer is it anyway?


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