The Basement !



‘Where is this pup dad?’ asked Grazie, my five years old daughter.

‘What are you talking about?’ I couldn’t control the trace of anger in my voice.

Surprised and shocked Grazie was about to cry as she had never seen my anger. I cursed myself, came to my knees to come in her level and I hugged her.

‘Dad is sorry Grazie. But, we have no pup here sweetie. You must have heard the mobile ringer in gardener’s room out there, sometimes his son use it in his phone.’ I spoke in a flow.

‘Ohhh …but it sounds so real, like a pup is wounded.’

‘No, not really. And yes, pack your stuff darling we are leaving early in the morning.’ I tried to divert the pup’s topic.

‘Where are we going?’ It was Mili, my wife.


‘Wow…!’ Mother and daughter wowed simulteneously.

We left our parental home just after the dawn. I didn’t want my daughter to hear pup’s cry anymore.


I remember the big old house we would live in until I was 10. The two storey house had everything to entertain kids.

After school, neighbour’s boys would gather in our backyard, which was little less than a football ground, covered with green carpet of six inches high grass, it was fun to kick the ball and fall off.

I loved everything of my parental home, but there was something mysterious, strange and unanswered, and today when I am father of a five year old daughter I am still confused about the mystery.

On the ground floor, near store room. There was a steel door, chained and locked, protected by a sliding grill, which was also locked. Nobody was allowed to go near the door. But, a child’s curiosity makes him do what he is not supposed to do.

It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon and heatwaves were killer. Everybody was sleeping except me, I had nothing to do. For an instant, my mind gave me an idea to get rid of this boring afternoon.

‘Why don’t you unlock the door and sneak inside.’ Something made my mind to think like this. I’d hesitated for a while but soon I was approaching toward my grand mother’s room, I had seen a bunch of old keys in her cupboard.

I wanted to see what was making mom, dad, grandma and everybody not to let me go near store room.

The locks were all rusted and even after oiling them, I took half an hour to open the three locks. I pushed the heavy door and with a jerk it started to move back. I peeped inside and found wooden stairs to go down in the basement.

Nobody had ever told me that the house had a 20 feet deep basement.

It was dark inside, but soon I found a switch, to light a zero watt bulb over the stairecase. I stepped in, and one by one step I started descending into the basement. I was down by 15 or so stairs when I heard a sound. It kind of sounded like a puppy, like it was hit, and crying in pain.

The distant sound was approaching toward me, I was standing on stairecase, when I saw a black puppy, a little bigger than the comman pups I had seen. It had reached at the bottom of the stairecase. For a moment, it looked toward me and started climbing upward, it was still crying which made his mouth wide open. Now it was five-six steps away from me when I took notice of its eyes, it was similar to human’s eyes, though distorted. The wide opened mouth was black inside. It was racing toward me with an unbearable intense shrill.

Suddenly I felt a hard jerk, and my whole body was in the air, then I moved up by few stairs and banged on the surface. It seemed like somebody was dragging me up with tremendous power. I looked at the pup, it was rushing toward me, now much faster with a shrill. My body kept hitting the side wall, edges of stairecase but there was no stop. The pup was now close to me, just a foot away when with a powerful jolt I found myself floating in the air, then I crashed on the cemented floor as I heard a metallic bang sound.

I looked up. My father was locking the door while two servants were striving to pull the door. He locked the door, then closed the iron grill and locked it.

So! My dad had yanked and dragged me out of basement. And, he did it so fast and voilently, leaving my whole body with bruises. He looked toward me with a face I can never forget. I had seen fear on his face for the first time.

He came to me. ‘Don’t do it again you idiot, and never tell anybody about it.’ He said in a voice mixed with fear and anger.

And I obeyed. I never ever told anybody what had happened there, nor did I ever dare to ask my dad why the boy in the basement was making noises like a puppy in pain, or why he had no hands or feet, and how he was using his forehead and lower part of torso to creep ahead so fast.

I am still unanswered.

* * *


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