The Limit of Indians’ Endurance!

Lost in Amazon for 11 days. Two survived.


This blogpost is all about devotion, dedication and extreme grit of a man who had gone to such a length of endurance we can’t even imagine. Recently when he revealed what he had done in 2003 we were not so surprised as we know how many miracle-alikes he had shown. But before I reveal who I am talking about, let me tell you some stories of human endurance around the world.

I’ve watched some hollywood movies and TV Shows like ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ on Discovey, the stories were inspired by the true incidents. Such incidents displayed the extreme of human endurance, and real will to survive, the survival instincts made the people fight to most adverse conditions.

Two brothers were on a raft in Mexican Sea when a hole in raft casts them away on an isolated island 20 Nt. Miles from coastline. The island was barren and they found nowhere to save themselves from scorching sun and humidity. They lived on that island for four days, without water and food. They lived in a condition humans are not made to survived. They lived with little moisture they found in a cactus plant’s pulp, they used that pulp to moist their tongues and throats, to keep their hope alive. A normal man can hardly survive for three days without water, they made it for four days, at the end of fourth day, they had been rescued.


A hollywood chopper with a team of crew were recording the active volcanic crater while flying over Mount Kejjaro. But, this was not their day as chopper lost control and crashed into the belly of volcano next to active one. They found themselves amidst the sulphere, methane and other gases, in a tempreture they’d never experienced. Nobody dared to rescue them near active volcano crater, yet the crew didn’t give up and they slowly climbed up toward crater by using every crevice and leading edge of rock inside the volcano. It was like miracle when the world found all of them alive.

During all these events, a heroic action had also been witnessed, the crashed pilot sent the distress signal, which was caught by another chopper’s pilot who was the best friend of the pilot stuck inside volcano. It was heroic stunt of a bestfriend, when he took his chopper down and down into the volcano until crashed pilot jumped into his chopper. The crew was climbing up and couldn’t see what had happened, they thought their own pilot somehow took the crashed chopper outside.

They made it just because of their survival instincts. They never gave up during their ordeal, and so they are still alive.

Batting Legend Sachin after Winning the World Cup 2011.

Now let me talk about that Indian I was talking about, he was none other than Indian batting legend Bharat Ratn Sachin Tendulkar.

He has revealed that due to an upset stomach he had to once play with tissues inside his underwear. Yes, you read it right.

This happened during the Super Sixes phase of the 2003 ICC World Cup when India were taking on Sri Lanka March 10 at the Wanderers in Johannesburg.

“Here I am a bit embarrassed to reveal a very personal secret relating to the Sri Lanka match. On the eve of the match I had a bad stomach and was feeling dehydrated. This happened because I had not yet fully recovered from the cramp I had suffered while playing Pakistan and as a result had a lot of isotonic drinks,” Tendulkar writes in his autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’ released recently.

Just nine days previously, Tendulkar had played a match-winning knock of 98 against Pakistan for which he was named man of the match at Centurion.

“I also added a teaspoon of salt to the energy drinks, thinking it would help the recovery, and that caused a tummy upset. In fact, the situation was so bad that I had to bat with tissues inside my underwear. I even had to go back to the dressing room during one of the drinks breaks and was feeling extremely uncomfortable in the middle.”

Despite the tissues, Tendulkar went on to score a patient 97 off 120 balls, the highest score of the match, which helped India win the contest by a massive 183 runs.

“I somehow scored 97, but batting with stomach cramps wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was pushing myself to the limits of endurance and in the end I was glad that the effort paid off,” he writes.

Compare the endurances now.

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This is 26/11. Years of Terror Attacks in Mumbai. Praying for the sad demise of hundreds souls. Remember! We Will Never Forget this Day.

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