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Love Knows No Barriers!

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: Wishing You all Fellow Bloggers a traffickest New Year Ahead. The delayed flight ST470 had landed at Amausi Airport of Lucknow 10 hours after its scheduled time. I was not expecting my car with driver outside, waiting for … Continue reading

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The UGLY MIRROR of India !

“क्योकि, तस्वीर बदलनी चाहिये।” India is progressing like never before and so this little kid is. Today, he achieved the weight of two concrete blocks, he would endure just one until today. I appreciate our honest policy makers for providing … Continue reading

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FEATURED: Fatal Tackle!

¤¤¤ Grave of Braveheart fifteen years old Aitzaz Hasan. STORY of A BRAVEHEART Recent attack by Pakistani Taliban on Army Public School, Peshawar in which 138 children 10 school staff had killed shaken the whole world. But, what happened now … Continue reading

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PAKISTAN: Gun In One Hand and A Flower In The Other!

Doorway of Auditorium where 100 children were learning First Aid techniques when Taliban stormed in with their Kalashnikovs firing indiscriminately, incessantly… All one hundred students with school staff had been killed, remorselessly. FEATURED After the Taliban’s shocking assault on a … Continue reading

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The Darkest Hour!

If I wanted to, I could just extend my arms and hug her, because there she is, opposite me, and the distance… The distance, you see, is so close—but I hold myself back. She is looking out the window. Perhaps … Continue reading

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A Young student Yasir died as a bullet pierced across his head. Earlier, in the morning, he didn’t want to go to school, her mother somehow convinced him to attend his classes. How does she know that she was sending … Continue reading

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PK: Its for Better World!

Unlike Hollywood we are lucky to be visited by only good aliens, be it Jaadu or PK. Yes! Mystery solved and we know now who was standing all nude with an extinct tape recorder cum player. He is an alien … Continue reading

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Language that makes us Laugh!

Well, I am not a teacher nor would I ever like to be, yet whenever I hear ‘I love her too much’ or ‘whatever they allowance is rubbish.’ Don’t you believe guys? You do, I know I am not an … Continue reading

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Entangled !!

We don’t need to tell you guys how annoying it is to find your headphones tangled every single time you take them out of your bag. We know you know. No, no this is not to give you a way … Continue reading

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Now Husainified !!

FEATURED SHER e’ ALLAH Honesty is the Best Policy! -Imam Ali (First Imam/Leader and a great Philosopher of Islam after Prophet Mohammad) * * * Kya Kya Jalwa Karbala Mein… Dikhaya Husain Ne; Pyaasé Reh Kar bhi… Lashkar-e’ Yazid Ke … Continue reading

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