The War of the Words!


#Love Indispired

Business is a game of matching wits, and we, the businessmen do it days and nights, while traveling in train or flight or car. In office, cafe, club, home, washroom, even in bedroom. We believe that the world is a market place and people are either buyers or sellers, our society runs on give-n-take policy. Even we treat God as a Service Provider. We pray for wealth, bunglow, SUVs …and when He gives us, we thank Him by giving ‘Chadhawa’, thats Give and Take. Agree bloggers and Readers? OK! If you ‘Like, Vote, Share’ this post, I’ll do the same …Give-n-Take.

But guys, thinking about ‘Kaam Dhanda, Faeyda Nuksaan’ is a big NO NO in bedrooms.


Let me tell you what happened last night in bedroom between me and my wife.

I’d spent a hard day, and was exahausted, yet logical calculations of a project were flowing in my head without a pause, and I was ‘staring’ TV like a Zombie.

Little latter, I sensed the presence of somebody in bedroom, but before I could react, my ears received, “I Love you baby!” So, it was my wife.

‘I Love you too dear,’ I told her.

‘Then why are you upset?’

‘Just tired.’ I replied.

‘No, you’re upset. You always do this with me.’

‘What wrong have I done Kaa (my wife)?’

‘You just turned off mujhe dekhte hi. Abhi business party mein hote to kitne khush hote.’

‘I am little tired, bass.’

‘Wohi to! You always do this. Party mein you behave like duniya mein sabse zyada khush tum hi ho. Specially woh jo bizwomen hain unke saamne you become so jolly.’

‘Now, yeh women kahan se aa gayin?’

‘Saaf batao, are you in affair with somebody?’

‘What are you saying yaar? You are making mountain out of nothing.’

‘Fountain? What fountain? Does she live there? Fountain Area?’

‘Mountain…’, I told her.

‘I knew that, mountain waali pasand aa gayi. Kashmiri hai na?’

‘Arre nahi. Listen to me.’

‘Now what? Whats left between us? Didn’t you think about Grazie?’

‘Hey! I did nothing wrong.’

‘Achcha! Being in relationship with a Kashmiri may not be wrong for you, but for me it is. Everything should be cleared tonight. I mean sab clear karo abhi ka abhi.’

‘Arre..! What do you want me to clear?’ I tried to cajol her.

She looked at me with confusion like a tigeress look at her prey, making mind whether she should go for it or wait for another fatty prey, ‘What would you clear, if you are not clear yourself. Its my bad luck. Its my destiny.’

‘O’ Dear! What happened to you? I was not upset, feeling a bit tired.’

‘Enough is enough.’

‘What are you saying yaar? Kaisa affair?’

‘Ab jhoot bhi bolné lagé. Sharam nahi aati kya?’

‘Ufff… Stop it now.’

‘You stop samjhe! Whats left between us? Why are we living together? Why Why?’ A volcano had errupted and pouring lava all over my head.

I started burning.

‘What the hell do you want? Just what?’ I roared.

Sensing my rising temper. She studied something in my eyes. Satisfied, that I was faking the anger.

‘Khatam Karo! I want to finish all. There is nothing left between us. You go on with that Pahadi Kashmiran. Congo Congo Mr. Khan.’

‘Abé tu chahti kya hai?’

Before she could speak, my phone started vibrating. The time was 1:30, I knew it was from Dayrl Bayliss Australia. I answered the call.

‘Mr. Khan, this is Samantha from Melbourne.’ her high pitched voice came out of my ear and my wife’s radar caught it. I talked to Bayliss secretary for two minutes.

‘Kashmiri? Wow! Love! Jalwa dekho!’ she clapped.

‘Samantha! Australia se call thi, business call,’ I told her.

‘Yeh 1:30 baje raat mein kaisa business hota hai?’ she didn’t give up.

‘Australia mein abhi din hai.’

‘No, No! Sab bahana hai. Its too much. I am leaving. I am going to my mom’s place.’

‘Go! Bhaag Ja. Go to hell.’

‘Yeah, yeah! Thats what you want. I knew you want to get rid of me. Akele yahan khel kheloge?’

‘This is my home, I will do what I want to do.’ As I burst out, she started dropping ‘tear bombs.’

‘I wanna go to my mom’s place.’

I picked the phone and call the driver. ‘Bablu, Madam ko unki Ma ke ghar drop karke aa’.

‘I will never come back. I hate you. You are !¥?#£?@.’

‘GO!!’ I was on full volume.

Seven O’ clock.

I woke up and find my cell was vibrating. I opened my eyes a bit to see the caller’s name. It was my wife.

I got up and received the call.

‘Are you sleeping?’ she’d become sweet now.

‘Hmmm’, I respond.

‘You know I can’t live without you.’ she told me.


‘Have you taken your tea shona.’


Slowly my anger evaporated, then I heard her saying, “I Love you baby!”

“I Love you too dear.” I gave a honey like response.

“Then why are you upset?”
But.. They Still Love Each Other.

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