Now Husainified !!


sher allah

Honesty is the Best Policy!

-Imam Ali
(First Imam/Leader and a great Philosopher of Islam after Prophet Mohammad)

* *
Kya Kya Jalwa Karbala Mein… Dikhaya Husain Ne;

Pyaasé Reh Kar bhi… Lashkar-e’ Yazid Ke Sar Udaya Husain ne;
Qurba’an Karké Apni Ja’an ko,
…Kya-Kya Na Sikhaya Husain Ne;

Nézé Pe Sar thha Aur Zuba’n Par Aayatei’n,
QUR’AAN Is tarha Sunaya Husain Ne;

Naana ke Deen pé Waar di Harr Shaéy,
Jism O’ Jaan,
Pa’maal huyé sulagti Rét Pé,

Arsh aur toor ke darmiya’n Pyaasé thé Khéméin magar,

Jo Chaha tha Yazeed ne,
Ik Sar ko na Jhukaya Husain ne;

Kyo’n ‘AAQA’ ko na Naaz Ho Apne Nawasé pé,
Sab Kuchh Gawaya Husain Né,

Ro Padi Zami’n…
Cheekha Aasma’n, Thham Gaya Waqt… Tadap utthi Qayénat saari..

..Kya Kya na Saha Ya’ Khudaya,
Magar Dekho Mitt Kar bhi …Har Qaul Mustafa Ka Nibhaya Husain Ne!!
* * *

… A Tribute to first and foremost Imam e’ Ali, Imam e’ Hasan, Imam e’ Husain and all 72 Martyrs who fought against the army of most condemned self-proclaim traitor and Satan of all time. The Glorious Martyrdom can never be blurred nor can it be compared to other sacrifices latter surfaced around the world. We, as believers, and proud followers of you are still mourning, wishing we were there. We strongly believe in your presence around, one who calls for help by saying, “YA ALI MADDAD” is rescued in a nano blink. We keep faith on you for we believe you will come to us on Hashr- the judgement day, making Almighty to seek us pardon for the sins we do in this world of sinisters. We are proud followers of Imam. We are for those 72 great Martys of Karbala. We are all yours. We are Shii’tes.

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