PK: Its for Better World!

Unlike Hollywood we are lucky to be visited by only good aliens, be it Jaadu or PK. Yes! Mystery solved and we know now who was standing all nude with an extinct tape recorder cum player. He is an alien who knows not anything about clothing.

After an entire year of being subjected to unalloyed trash generated by box office sharks that cannot see beyond their weekend collections, Bollywood enthusiasts who value their intelligence – and their hard-earned money – finally have reason to rejoice.

PK is here.


PK is a winner all the way, a film that Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt would have been proud of had they been alive. Rajkumar Hirani is without a doubt their most worthy standard-bearer.

On the whole, PK is an outstanding entertainer with a strong message relevant to all human beings.

The drama is as much a philosophy as a film. It takes the ‘stranded alien’ theme, familiar from classics like ET, but tells the tale equally from the lonely alien’s eyes – at times, evoking the beautiful story The Little Prince – as from his human narrator’s.

Starting with the alien’s desperation, PK captures the fears and falsehoods humans weave around faith. When PK decides to pray for his remote, he’s bewildered about whom to and how to pray. PK features brave scenes – money extracted at temples, coconuts offered in confusion at a church, godmen doling out tortuous advice – and strong lines, including a Muslim girl bravely asserting, “Itna chhota nahin ho sakta hamara khuda, ki usey hamare school jaane pe aitraaz ho.” Capturing faith whipped into hate, PK’s sterling message, directed sensitively, stands out.

Even though PK left me underwhelmed at times, there is no denying its utter sincerity of purpose. That feeling when you’re effortlessly floating in the air….

In PK director Raj Kumar Hirani makes us feel good about life. And that, in these troubled times , is not short of a miracle. Following the zany, kooky escapades of an alien PK takes us into every day life as seen through the eyes of a gentle compassionate outsider. This is revisionist cinema at its most inspiring. It tells us, life is beautiful even when it seems to suck.

Provocative and yet gentle, evocative and quite often, heart breakingly artless, PK is just what the healers ordered after the savagery in Peshawar.

Despite the film having its share of ups and downs, it is surely a good entertainer. Being a film that deals with the topic of God and Godmen, audiences are bound to draw a few similarities between PK and the previously released Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal starrer OMG OH MY GOD!

But while latter dealt with a lay man asking some prominent questions about God and the almighty himself coming down to earth, PK differs with an alien not directly questioning God, but instead questioning the belief system that humans have created to reach God.

At a running time of almost three hours PK entertains you every minute and brings in surprises one after the other. All the credit for this goes to the captain of the ship, the genius filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani who has raised the bar once again.

The film is an absolute must watch film and watch it before your friends tell you all the surprise elements in detail. Hirani has ensured sarcastic masala, enough to keep you wondering if Aamir is showing middle finger to you. The ironies we face regularly and we never give a thought what the phaak are we doing, it provokes, and makes you hooked to your seats for the entire run time. If you find your attention wavering in the first half, the second half of the movie will put your doubts to rest. The story only gets interesting and picks up pace towards the end.

Aamir, as we know, never disappoints his fans, and they were constantly whistling at his witty one-liners and the crispy Bhojpuri dialogues. By the end, there were more thunderous claps and whistles–speaking volumes about the content. Dutt is lucky charm for Hirani, so he has been inserted at regular intervals, whereas Anushka did her second best after debut Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

There is a big surprise at the end – a special appearance by Ranbir Kapoor. But in which avatar and how? Watch to find out.

PK is a fun film with proper dose of ‘gyaan’. It’s a film that shouldn’t be missed and it’s brave because it attempts to create a better world. Another winner from Rajkumar Hirani. It would be hard to stop it from owning the box-office as well.

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  1. teny says:

    This has me interested – need to give Bollywood a chance again, I guess!

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  2. kokilagupta says:

    seems Good …. glad to see you after some time Shadab:)


  3. Great review….yes, as I’ve heard there are doses of ‘gyaan’ but its entertaining as well… :-)


    • O’Yes, its a super entertainer, you know Aamir’s expressions!! He didn’t blink even once, eyes wide open all the time… :Owhenever he spoke I found myself amidst the thunderous applause and laughter. If you too like bollywood ..just go for it. Its a treat.


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