A Young student Yasir died as a bullet pierced across his head. Earlier, in the morning, he didn’t want to go to school, her mother somehow convinced him to attend his classes. How does she know that she was sending her only son to die?

Some things are common sense, and common sense in Pakistan is unabashedly uncommon. A consolidated national security policy, which may be considered a basic, fundamental, taken for granted tenant of the social contract in most countries, is a luxury in Pakistan.

In the last twenty years they have supplied terror to India, they made a big ugly scar on the face of Mumbai. They, themselves lost tens of thousands in this conflict. The enemy their authority prepared for India has targeted their shrines, mosques, hospitals, civilian building, military infrastructure and bases, airports, bazaars, and border ceremonies. They targeted soldier and civilians, servicemen and communities, indiscriminately, incessantly.

For twenty years, Pakistanis watched in shock and awe, lamenting the loss, organising rallies, chanting slogans, demanding answers, and then moving to the next big tragedy. Just a week back, the most troublesome nation on earth witnessed bloodstream of its own children, the hate tree they sowed for India had taken the lives of innocent children. I need not to remind that, “when your children die, you bury them in your heart. They depart with you in your graves.”

Those children were murdered by Taliban, who proudly claimed responsibility, justifying their henious act by claiming that this was vengeance for the Operation Pak military carried out in Taliban strong hold region. Ok! Taliban did it, but I suggest, people of Pakistan should take a closer look at their own hands when they raise them in prayer.

They will find, hands are all stained with blood.

Blame Game is national sport of Pakistan, it’ll go on… but my dear neighbour this tragedy requires some serious introspection, because while the bullets may have been fired from Taliban guns, you are all responsible. Yes! For the slaughtering of your innocent kids.

You, the people of Pakistan, ever willing to wage social media wars from the comfort of your couch, and crying foul whenever tragedy strikes, and replicating the same apathy that meanders in the corridors of power, forgetting about it when your news channels tell you it is no longer important. You claim to be shaken, and suffer sleepless nights, but unless the tragedy strikes home, you care little past the initial shock.

You don’t demand answers from your elected representatives. You don’t demand the plan for the way forward that brings results. You don’t fight for the fallen. You, the people, have let your own children down. And, this is not going to stop by pointing your finger towards India, you will have to stand and ask your government to clear what they are going to do to prevent further attacks as Faizullah has said, ‘We will keep these attacks continue until Pakistani military stops cooperating US forces.’

Did you ever question your diplomats for what reasons India, during 26/11, clearly accused Pakistan for the insurgency in Mumbai? You didn’t. Did you ask your leadership how an Indian prisoner Sarabjeet Singh, in Pakistani jail has been lynched immediately after the execution of Kasab in Pune Jail? No, you didn’t. And here is the bloody consequences you’ll never forget.

May Almighty give peace to departed souls, we, the people of India pray.

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