The UGLY MIRROR of India !

“क्योकि, तस्वीर बदलनी चाहिये।”

India is progressing like never before and so this little kid is. Today, he achieved the weight of two concrete blocks, he would endure just one until today. I appreciate our honest policy makers for providing these opportunities to future of India. You should also be thankful guys, shouldn’t you?

O’ Girl! Why are you crying? Don’t you listen the sweet speeches of our progressive prime minister? Look around girl, ‘… Good Days are about to come for the last eight months or so.’

As we all know India’s booming economy is the main concern of world, biggies are desperate to invest, to create jobs, to empower our beautiful women, to let the little kids get early experience in terms of strengthen their little shoulders for their own benefits.

I don’t know whats the use of sending our children to schools, they go there and soon get addicted to TV’s remote, xbox, smartphones. My daughter doesn’t sleep if AC is not on, she hates Dal Roti Sabzi Bhaji, she wants Americano, Spring Rolls, Ice cream.

When I tried to make her understand the importance of Indian food, she told me that she knows the role of nutrients our food contain. ‘Then why the hell do you eat junk food?’ And she bounced back, ‘because, we are progressive and yes dad, don’t you know Achchhe Din Aane Waale Hai?’ In an awe state when I looked at my daughter… her little finger was pointed at the pictures of those two little kids you have seen above.

Any justification?

DISCLAIMER: The Ugly Mirror of India series is not meant to make fun of anybody, this is an attempt to make the people realize that prejudice, discrimination, various malpractices, exploitation are still going on, and we all are responsible to change these pictures for good.

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  1. Valid points here Mr khan, we need to raise our voice…


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