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Just a Matter of Line!

Science of Surprises !! We, in India, spend good part of our life for what we call education, and we are also aware that most of the Indians study conventional subjects which is just not enough to get even a … Continue reading

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Unbroken !!

Josh …Junoon …Jazba •March 4, 1992, Sydney: India beat Pakistan by 43 runs. •March 9, 1996, Bangalore: India beat Pakistan by 39 runs. •June 8, 1999, Manchester: India beat Pakistan by 47 runs. •March 1, 2003, Centurion: India beat Pakistan … Continue reading

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The Ugly Mirror: Sex Shops

Forced Prostitution: Yes! A very disgusting issue, this dark world is part of our society. Respectable people condemns them as if they go home to home, this society to that society to sell their bodies. No, our respectable men visit … Continue reading

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Meri Jaan Hindustan ..!!

Thank YouIndiBlogger for Encouraging me by showcasing this post at your Home page. Thanks to IndiBlogger Lobby for making [Meri Jaan Hindustan] a most popular post. Before you start reading this post, I request you to please read this post … Continue reading

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Accursed Monsters!!

We become entrepreneurs because we are an unhappy bunch of clods. Our joy is in rolling the boulder uphill, knowing that it will roll back down so we can roll it up again. It is weird how you can take … Continue reading

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The Legendary Kashan !

In the carpet world, Kashan is used to describe a hand knotted Rug that usually contains a diamond-shaped medallion on a Shah Abbas field. Shah Abbas fields take their name from a Mogul ruler who significantly contributed to the rise … Continue reading

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KASHMIR: Love, Lust and LoC!!

वह भारत के प्रथम प्रधानमंत्री और ब्रितानी हुकुमत के अन्तिम प्रतिनिधि वायसराय लुईस माउंटबेटन की खूबसूरत पत्नी एडविना थी जिनके बीच जो कुछ भी चल रहा था वह कभी कोई राज़ बनकर नही रहा। एडविना मांउटबेटन की पुत्री पॉमेला की … Continue reading

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The Ugly Mirror: Death Aplenty !!

People from Hindu community believes Ganges is a soul purifier, and thats why maybe they think if Ganga can purify souls it can clean itself too. BANARAS: First Visit Varanasi is one of the most important and sacred pilgrimage destinations … Continue reading

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Lingchi !!

Despite outcry of Amnesty, Human Rights Activists protests against Death Penalty people are being administrated leathal injections, facing firing squad, beheading, hanging to strangulate… The last one is the process India follows to execute those involved in rare of the … Continue reading

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Beyond Death!

No, this is not wooden crafting. The Shape and Look of this tree are like this without any human intervention. Hola, Here I am, Grazie, stretching and revolving on Boss’s Luxurious Power-Seat in Study cum Library cum Home-Office cum Business … Continue reading

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