Beyond Death!

No, this is not wooden crafting. The Shape and Look of this tree are like this without any human intervention.

Here I am, Grazie, stretching and revolving on Boss’s Luxurious Power-Seat in Study cum Library cum Home-Office cum Business War Room, decorated with shades of White and Orange, Furniture are made of expensive oakwood and they’er all dark in color. Its kinda strategist den.

This office is on the first floor of our home, as Dad is chronic workaholic and most of the time after dinner is spent, working on his laptop, sitting on his chair and staring out of window opens in garden. It seems he has a volcano inside him, forcing to erupt with enormous power, but he never let it get out of him. He has something he misses a lot and to save himself from whatever he has deep inside… he buries himself in business, trade fairs, and sometime he hits the road in his SUV and drive extremely fast.

Here is a note (or poetry) I found written on a loose paper, when I read it I cried, nobody can write this kind of piece without having suffered with some kind of unknown emotions.

I would like you to read it and let me know what is this he suffers from. Do you think, this type of note can be written on imaginary sadness.

Naya Ghar!

NAYA Ghar Hai Hamara,
Naya Hai Banwaya,
Damakti Taazgi,
Sonddhi Mitti,
Chhota sa Khwaab,
Chhota Aashiya’n,
Dawat Hai Shayad,
Dost to Dost,
Dushmann bhi Yahan;

Sindoori Chhata,
Mehkti Baarish,
Sard Hawayein,
Machaltey Khawb,
Logon ka hujoom,
Sab hain yahan. . .

Alsaati Hastratein,
Sote Armaan,
Kasmasati Roshni,
Tumhare Khayal,
Kitaab me rakkha,
Sookha hua gulab,
Naya hai Ghar,
Naya hai Kapda,
Dopaher ko bheed,
Abb sirf Sannata,
Jatey hue log,
Baatein sirf hamari,
Saawalon me hum,
Jawabon me hum,
Kaise Hua,
Kahan Hua,
Theek to tha,
Kaza thi bas,
Phir wo awaaz,
Band hua darwaaza,
Puraani thi ibarat,
Manzil to yehi hai,
Maut sirf bahana hai,
Naam kuchh darawna,
Lekin naya pata hai hamara,
Aana to lete aana,
Uss sookhe gulab ko,
Rakh dena,
Ghar ki Chhat par,
Ek Patthar,
Ibarat ‘SHABAB’,
Iss Tareekh se,
Uss Tareekh tak,
Kabr mat kehna,
Naya ghar hai hamara.
Naya hai Banwaya…

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Me Grazie…

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