Meri Jaan Hindustan ..!!

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Before you start reading this post, I request you to please read this post slowly and carefully. And, if you love your country you’ll find what extent of emotions have been taken down. And, I really wish you to leave a comment for my feelings for Motherland.

Tu hi Dil,
Jaan-e-Jahan bhi tu,
Tu hi Dilruban,
Hamsaaya, Mera Hamnawan Bhi Tu…

Khwabon Mein,
Khayalon Mein,
Jism aur Rooh Mein,
Tu Hi Lahu Mein,
Samandar Tu,
Jheel aur Jharne Tu,
Waadiyaan tu, Fiza Tu,
Tu hi Hai Zameen,
Falak bhi tu hi,
Arsh Tu,
Toor bhi tu…

Sitaare aur Chaand,
Nadiyon ki Gehrayi,
Pahadon ki Unchayi,
Barf, Paani, Ret,
Dhoop aur Chhawn…
Tujh mein, Tujh
se. . .

Mohabbat tujhse,
Ishq tujhse,
Pyar tujhse,
Main bhi tujhi se…
Beti ki muskan bhi
Eid tu. . . Abeer aur
Gulaal bhi tu. . .
Diwali ki
jagmagahat tu. . .
Baheno ka
pyar…Rakhi ka
tyohaar, Ganga ke
ghat, Sangam ka
ehsaas, Ajmer ki
Quwaali, Panch-
pyaron ki
Gurwaani. . .
Tujhme sab,
Sab mein tu hi…

Meri Aan,
Meri Shaan,
Meri Jaan,
Sab tujh pe
Qurbaan. . .

Meri Jaan. . .tujhpe
Qurbaan. . .
Tera ghulam,
Sipahi bhi tera,
Godi mein khela…
Sab tune sikhaya…
Bete sa paala…
Jeena tune
bataya. . .
Tujhe Salaam,
Ma. . .
Tujhe Salaam. . .
Ae Watan… tujhe
Sau Sau Salaam. . . !!!

~Proud Indian



About Shabab Khan

A Journalist, Philanthropist; Author of 'The Magician', 'Go!', 'Brutal'. Being a passionate writer, I am into Journalism and writing columns, news stories, articles for top media houses. Twitter Handle:@khantastix
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10 Responses to Meri Jaan Hindustan ..!!

  1. Great composition… :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • ...shabab says:

      Thank you Maniparna. I tried to express my own feelings as an Indian, as well as you could find what India is all about …lyk “Behno ka pyaar, Raakhi ka tyohaar… Ma ka banaya aam ka aachaar …” it happens Only in India.


  2. Pratik Kirve says:

    Sikhe tujse,
    gire tuzi pe,
    uthana tune sikhaya,
    aage badhe teri wajah se,
    Ae watan,
    tujse liya hua karz,
    lautana baaki he!!


  3. Beautifully expressed. And positively too. Whenever I try to compose something like this, by 2nd or 3rd stanza, I go negative and start writing about so many things that are wrong.
    But the fact is, we need the positive attitude more!


    • ...shabab says:

      You are right Nimi, we are surrounded most venomous and filthy creatures, who could do anything, just to grab the power seat of India… Thanks for the comment. Keep Visiting.


  4. vah kya kehene – as you are poetically inclined visit my blog and thanks for posting a comment on my other blog search for the soul – the post about stellar india – the sun – astrology bhi to meri jan hindustan hai


  5. there is a line running through your reply – wonder what that implies!


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