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The Defining Image of Carnage!

––Gujarat riots embodying the horror of worst episode of communal violence. He knew he was going to die, he looked at his two months old little kid in his wife’s arms whose embrace was like, “I will die but won’t … Continue reading

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Saving Husband’s Money !!

––– Ladies, I know how important asset is your hair. Last week when I noticed 3200 INR for few haircuts in my wife’s credit card statement, I started researching on net and concluded with DIY. If you ever think of … Continue reading

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24 x 7 x 365 x Forever!!

As my dad was a Government servant, who used to get fixed monthly salary, which according to him, gives life an stability and financial security to family even after you, reasons were strong enough to make him persuade me to … Continue reading

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What do you know about Private Limited Company?

I have seen through out my career that starter entrepreneurs don’t bother to incorporate their companies, they go for partnership or proprietorship as there are lots of myths about it. So, keeping the trend of business blogging continue I would … Continue reading

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Incredibly Strong !!

––Strongest Natural Material Scientists discover yet another strongest known natural material in the world. Science of Surprises Spider silk is pretty amazing. It has the tensile strength of a high-grade steel alloy, and about half that of the synthetic woven … Continue reading

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HAWALA: How it Works!!

–– the way they work. In my previous post about Hawala I had explained whats this most common term ‘Hawala’ is all about. Now, let me finish this topic with ‘How does a Hawala System Work?’ It is being given … Continue reading

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You’re As Simple As Death!!

– Did I ever tell you, that even today, the smile you have, expresses aloud whatever you try to hide deep inside your core. She was still beautiful –her face was – but she had adopted a more comfortable outline. … Continue reading

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A Horrible Way to Avenge!!

–– Migraine Syndrome Generator. I must tell you guys, not everything that plays on the big screen is a movie. Neither does every piece (of shit, or otherwise) written about movies qualifies as a review. This isn’t a review for … Continue reading

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Let the Chase Begin !!

…VALENTINE’S BLUES! Hi Lailas and Majnus,How was your Valentine’s Day this year? Yes, I know you couldn’t enjoy even in this democracy. We all know that VDay stories these days, the people getting the most coverage in India seem to … Continue reading

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Rashtriya Scaremongers Sangh!

Recently, when Sakshi Maharaj, Vasudev called upon Hindus to start having four and ten kids respectively, Hindus were awefully shocked, and muslims started counting themselves. The RSS fear is that Hindus will become a minority in India in the not-too-distant … Continue reading

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