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As my dad was a Government servant, who used to get fixed monthly salary, which according to him, gives life an stability and financial security to family even after you, reasons were strong enough to make him persuade me to choose a decent Govt job and get married to sense a stable life. I didn’t because I could see his opinion had another side, just like every picture has.


I didn’t tell my Dad that I wanted to fly in limitless sky, I did some jobs and saved a meagre amount to start my own venture. I quit my job and announced at home what I did and why. Dad left the dinning table and didn’t spoke anything for days, for him I had become an invisible alien.

But, I was the baap of my Dad. I didn’t give up. I knew I could have lost my savings, still I knew what I needed was to be right once, just once. I left Allahabad and settled in Kanpur where I entered into the Leather Trading, then Manufacturing and then Export. The little money I had invested has become 150 Crores, and the race is continue. Below is the summary of the steps I took to Win.

1) You only have to be right once:

People stress way to much about having to find the perfect job or start the perfect company. You can’t achieve the type of success you want to achieve unless you try a lot of things. You immediately limit your opportunities if you limit your scope. It’s okay to try new industries, new jobs, side gigs, whatever. In reality, your success will not be derived from a linear path. It will be up, down, new jobs, new projects, failures, successes, etc. When you do finally start or find that right business, it can take you all the way to the top. Take lots of chances. Dare to risk. You only have to be right once.

2) Always be prepared, because you don’t know when that ONE OPPORTUNITY will hit you:

Do whatever it takes to maintain the competitive edge. The winners in any industry know more than the competition. Most people will not take the time to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to be at the top. The other person is probably not reading that book or trade magazine to gain the competitive edge. There is only really one thing you can always control, your effort. Maximize it.

3) Live like a college student:

He talks about the number one agent that holds back people from finding the right opportunities and taking advantage of them when they appear is that they are too scared to take action because of their personal financial debts and obligations.

In other words, you don’t need the new car or the new jacket. You don’t need to spend all your money on a mortgage or rent. Live like a college student and maintain your flexibility. You will not have the burdens and stresses of financial obligation. When you don’t have to constantly stress about finances, you try more things and take more chances.

4) Sales is the best career move in the world:

A company is nothing without its lifeblood, revenue. Sales people bring revenue into the company. A sales person can be anybody in the organization, the CEO, the account manager, anybody. Forget the titles. Learn how to sell, and be the best at it. Read books, listen to audio programs. Learn how to understand the customer. Build great relationships. Know their needs and their wants and their psychology.

5. The best product is the product that offers the path of least resistance:

Don’t get caught up in features and useless bells and whistles when developing a product or service. I believe the best products are the ones that offer the path of least resistance, because people are lazy and wired to look for shortcuts. This is what has led Google, Apple, and other massively successful companies to the top. For example, Yahoo blew it in the search game by forcing people to navigate a lot. Google came along and simplified search. Type in a search term and press enter.

6) The Sport of Business is a 7 x 24 x 365 x forever:

In order to achieve massive success, you have to be prepared to grind it out. You have to do whatever it takes to be successful until the job is done. You have to act like a machine. Once you achieve the massive success, you can chill out and relax. Competitors are trying to displace you as you read this.

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