Saving Husband’s Money !!

––– Ladies, I know how important asset is your hair.

Last week when I noticed 3200 INR for few haircuts in my wife’s credit card statement, I started researching on net and concluded with DIY.

If you ever think of cutting your hair on your own, you should probably look up a few tips for cutting your own hair.

Well, a DIY haircut is certainly a risky business but it could really help you save a lot while getting to experiment as much as you want to and ladies who have been doing their own hair for a while say it’s actually pretty simple once you get used to it. So here are a few basic tips for cutting your own hair:

––Practice Makes it Perfect.

So, before you decide to cut your own hair, try doing your own bangs or trims for a while! It’s not as radical as going for an entire cut but it will help you get to know your hair better and give you that much needed experience! Also, the best thing to do is look up a few tips for cutting your own hair!

Go for professional scissors because pro tools deliver clean cuts, can’t go blunt and won’t make your hair split, make sure the scissors you invest in are sharp! If you use dull scissors you could cause more harm than good and nobody wants that. You could end up giving yourself split ends, which kind of defeats the purpose of cuttings your own hair.

How to do it?

Below is the DIY Images you can use them to sharpen your skill.

–– STEP #1:


–– STEP #2:


–– STEP #3


–– STEP #4


–– STEP #5


–– STEP #6




–– Hoping you all ladies to try the scissor on your hair, while making a companion standing near you who could let you know if you choose wrong portion of you head to trim. Once practiced, you can do it all alone like the lady did up there. It will save your husband’s 3000, just think how happy he would be, he will proud of you to be his multi talented wife.

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5 Responses to Saving Husband’s Money !!

  1. nabanita21 says:

    Don’t worry not all wives use their husband’s money for haircut :)


    • ...shabab says:

      Naba, I understand. It maybe a facial for 2000 plus eyebro crafting 1000. These things are exploitation and we will protest until govt pass a bill to control this. Im chairman of AISHA (all india suffering husbands association). We will check ur husband too, plz fwd his number via local police station.


  2. ananyakiran says:

    Love this post n guess what i did cut my bands myself :)


    • ...shabab says:

      Thank you Ananya. When you were doing so I received a ‘Quick Thank you’ call from Seattle, Washington. And, i wouldn’t tell u he was yours husband.


  3. Ha ha! Hilarious! Did your wife read this and is committed to try? :D


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