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Killing the Immortal Devil !

©SCIENCE OF SURPRISES! –– This is part of the on-going series on latest development, research, innovation in worldwide science scenario. Scientific Science ––– “to all those in suitable conditions must remember that Death is Imminent.” “This guy turned plastic back … Continue reading

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A Night with Cheegy Weegy !!

––– Sex is all about our own fantasies. We, the bloggers, (maasha allah… Bhagwan inko akkal de) have already written and debated about Pre Marital Sex. Glad to see our ladies’ debate on morality or immorality of Sex before Band … Continue reading

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Wonder Girl !!

Creativity is something not limited to some certain class, certain age or certain people. What really matter is its uniqueness. Meet Mayhem, a four year old girl, who is fast becoming popular as she designs paper version of celebrities dress. … Continue reading

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What We Expect from You Ladies !!

––– It doesn’t grow overnight, its like a craft which requires perfection. Every single strand must be taken care of, grooming, massaging, polishing, trimming… Well Ladies, I know you all love men with beard, but before you approach for one, … Continue reading

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Kiss of Death !!

A small town in west Uttar Pradesh, Moradabad. A gentleman had come with his teenager son of about 14-15. He said, ‘My son can bowl really fast. He terrorizes batsmen of our village. I want you to coach him.’ CRICKET … Continue reading

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Listen to me Boss!

I am fed up. Why the hell do you want me to run and bring your fxxkxxg ball back for you only to throw it again, you jerk. How can you blame me? Have you seen me tearing this roll … Continue reading

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––– Already heard a lot what humans’ eyes can do? But, below is what you still need to know. “Moral decisions can be manipulated by eye tracking.” SCIENCE OF SURPRISES: –– It used to be quite enigmatic. Now, it speaks … Continue reading

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Uncle Worst !!

Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán I choose him to write upon because of US, Brits’ habit, to make fun of India’s system. They made Slumdog Millionaire and, now India’s Daughter as they love to input derogatory shit into the minds of … Continue reading

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Auto Brides of 2015 !!

Indian automobile industry has become quite competitive in last few years, and the makers who have been able to bring in new products did pretty well despite the slow growth the industry has witnessed. Since the beginning of this calendar … Continue reading

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A Mukesh is Haunting Every 21 Minutes.. !!

On most days, Indian newspapers report shocking new atrocities, a 10 month old raped by a neighbour in Delhi; an 18 month old raped and abandoned on the streets in Calcutta; a 14-year-old raped and murdered in a police station … Continue reading

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