Encouraging Chumma !!

–––Still from Kick and Hum.

Weird title? I understand. Whats in the world made me choose this title. I have my logic infact, at the end of this post you will have the justification of title.

Jumma Chumma De:

Dec 2012: The avalanche of protest and comment on why we treat women so badly had flooded in New Delhi from all over the nation due to ghastly assault and rape of a young paramedic in a bus in Delhi. Now, a Documentary, in which Nirbhaya’s Rapist Mukesh Singh has been interviewed by BBC, making the tragedy haunt us again. Remorselessly, Mukesh blamed Victim in terms of provoking them to be raped. He literally told that decent girls don’t hang out after dusk. Thats make the situation worst, and ban has been slapped on documentary.

Print and electronic media dig out almost all possible causes. Intellectuals, psychologists, sociologist, politicians, lawmakers, came out with their equations. But a major cause, the film industry, has hardly been mentioned.

It has fostered thoroughly retro grade male attitude that are at least partly responsible. I see the commodification of women in bollywood’s item numbers, sex-laden dances by Mallika Sherawat, Isha Koppikar and others. I would also highlight the popularity of love-making, smootching scenes to titillate audiences. Emran Hashmi is popular among masses as ‘serial kisser.’ A barechest, topless Salman Khan is liked.

Ridiculous …!

Yet item songs and so called hot scenes are not the main problem. Afterall, item girls or serial kissers are not role models. Nobody takes Emran or Salman seriously.

What’s truely terrible is the manner in which film heroes have decades pestered, stalking and forced their unwanted attentions on heroines in a thousand films, yet ended up getting the girl.

That sends the most outrageous of all messages to the public; pestering girls is what heroes do, and a girl’s “no” actually means “yes.”

Hit film songs that glorify harassment and stalking have compounded the problem.

These are perpetuated in memory and social attitudes through repeated humming of the songs and viewing of video clips.

Amitabh Bachchan strode the bollywood scene like a colossus. His biggest contribution of female degradation was in the film ‘Hum’.

In this, he and a gang of may be 300 leering males demand a kiss from actress Kimi Katkar -the hit song “Jumma chumma de de.” Kimi sings back that she will not give a kiss. The male leeners insist on a kiss and douse her with a hosepipe.

Ultimately, after several refusals, the song ends with Bachchan finally getting his kiss. He emerges grinning from the melee with lipstick marks smeared across his face. There could hardly be a more graphic message: if only you harass a woman enough, no matter how often she says no, she will ultimatly say yes. Here lies my theory.

The greatest Hindi film of all time was probably Sholay. This had Dharmendra giving his version of how to win a girl. He jumps on the Tonga of Basanti (Hema Malini), serenading her and grabbing her from behind. Malini fights him, knocking him off the tonga. But he doesn’t give up, climbs aboard again and continues with his musical harassment.

The song goes,”Koi hasina jab rooth jaati hai to aur bhi hasin ho jaati hai”.

Did you remember Dev Anand, singing ‘Pal Bhar Ke Liye’, harassing Hema like a peeping Tom, poking his head through infinite no. of windows, while she kept closing one by one.

Do Veeru and Dev Saab land into jail for this behaviour? Hell No! In both cases, Hema falls into the arms of stalkers. Great are the rewards of harrassment.

Star’s bad boy taboo leads the filmmakers to produce ‘Dabbang’ kind of film as they know that the ‘Bad Boy’ has fan following of entire toiletry audioances. Mukesh Singh belongs to this toilet Circuitry whose mental development is limited to toilet.

My wife has taste of good hindi movies. She points out a sequence in a today’s flick Rockstar, in which Ranbir Kapoor forces his attentions on a girl, who initially resists but then asks him to take her to a raunchy movie!

There are films in which romantic wooing has been replaced by a kind of harassment of heroine. The heroes of these films could be considered stalkers in some societies. Now imagine that this actor is a role model to millions wouldn’t his fans think this behaviour is okay. Films has already preset the mindset of millions people. And, what message does it send to women across the country?



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15 Responses to Encouraging Chumma !!

  1. archanachaurasia2013 says:

    you have a point here!


    • Yes, on the one hand we are shooting up Chandrayaan, Magalyaan, Europayaan … on the other we enjoy eve harassing acts of sri bachchan, salman. Utter Non Sense. Thanks for your comment Archana.


  2. SHILPI DUTTA says:

    Interesting. We keep pointing out at the Western culture that has spoiled our Indian culture. We failed to look into the mirror in the first place.


    • Hi Shilpi … Newborn kids speak what they listen, act what watch. Nowadays, a kid from illiterate family speaks decently and behave nicely. This is the direct result of SatelliteTV. Kids learn from TV and, if we see 1 Mukesh Singh out of 50 decent ppl we should not be surprised.


  3. Indrani says:

    I agree with you. Very well put with relevant examples.


    • Grazie says:

      Thanks for droppin ur remarks Indrani Ma’am. We all must accept that we are living in a society driven by Filmy Ideology, Reality Shows, Computer Games…. Things are changing …generations’ mindset is being written by Virtual world as parents got the option (tv/computer), they provide these electronics and go on their works.


  4. Yash Gaur says:

    I would like you all to respectly look like this.Films is a virtual world which is driven by characters and not real human beings.Everything that happens in a film happens by basing oneself to certain characters that are entwined to entertain you and not make you unhappy.I believe INDIA is a country where we have freedom of speech so i would like to say that its not completely right to question films regarding such a serious matter,because films portrays characters in a way it appeals grips us and most importantly give us the ‘masala’ that we simply love sadly.Its only now that people have taken in consideration of making character driven films like lunchbox,gangs of wasseypur 1 and 2 ,byomkesh bakshi etc that do have masala in it but also has a content to look out for,to see real acting natural character driven acting on the surface of films.As much as I remember I have always felt films have reflected in many ways what happens in our surroundings.

    I would also like to add if you are hanging with me still that I myself is unhappy with the rapist comments on such a horrifying incident but I don’t blame him for this ofcourse not the girl most obviously but neither him.Now you may call it a shameful and outrageous insensible comment from an idiot but if you’ll will look at it with my perspective you will understand my nonsensity.

    Child always reflects or behaves in the manner what he sees in his society and family and same goes for a cold person like him.He must would have seen her mother or sisters or any other female person being humiliated,totured with such heinous crimes by the male group.So when we say this that his words were nonsensical we are actually underestimating what we see infront of us.As he still has the same ideology which he learnt from the male dominating group that females can never be equal to males they are born to be under the shoes of their husbands and other shits etc.
    At last I hope you would agree with me and if not help me understand this matter and help me change my ideology


    • Hi Yash, thanks for your comment.
      Ok, as you said films are the mirror image of whatever happens in our society. I could have agreed with you, if you use a word, particularly Distorted. Films are distorted version of what rarely happens in society. But, what film makers feed us appear instantly in society.
      For Instance, take the example of boys forcing girls to talk, date to them. Thousands of movies had given us the theory that ‘girls are meant to belong to One guy, she should love once and stay stick on it.’ This theory doesn’t apply on boys. Why? I regularly see groups of boys chasing girls vehicle after their school, trying to attract them or attack them. Most of the girls ignore, again and again. Boys take it positively, it doesn’t mean optimism or Never Give up types, it is a kind of sickness, our films are injecting youngsters.
      In a relationship, men don’t want to know what women want, the only matter is counted what he wants. Wow. The films have created a wide gap between male willingness and female willingness.
      When they found a couple standing on a bus stop, they were waiting for state run bus, and certainly not their luxury volvo.
      Why did that bastards stop, and, offered a ride? Couple couldn’t guess their intention, and they entered… the only mistake they did.
      Violence in family, exploitation in childhood are some psychological reasons of brutality. But, do not forget, the most brutal out of five was the juvenile, who used a twisted iron rod to … (sic).
      How a teenager can do this? The girls fighted back, she digs teeth, scratches faces of molesters…. as well as turned their ego, made by our films, on. That was attitude, ego, animal instincts….. and yes, they were belong to Bihar, where bhojpuri movies rule. Do I need to mention what kind of vulgar content Bhojpuri films, even songs have?


      • O’I forgot to add that the Documentary by BBC and India’s senior journalist Deben should be released to public. After that, i believe lynching will take place of candle march.


      • Yash Gaur says:

        HI shabab thanks for comment.

        I will completely agree with you shabab and you made my point quite clear by saying ‘distorted vision’ .Intelligent film making has to come up as you said it is very important to show only what required and not the other half which is obliviously part of commercial films where such parts are seriously not required but when we talk about real films then you can’t simply proceed with your story and also hope ppl to accept it unless and until you touch them with your work and while when someone does so it does hurt people that’s why they are able to connect to it eg is the pk controvery with which the hindu mahasabha had come up which is completely illogical.I TOO AGREE shiv ji being chased by aamir khan … but why do we forget he is no more aamir khan he is an alien and alien don’t know who shiv ji is…

        Similarly if in some scene a couple is seen taking lift from a stranger then this scene is important becoz it shows they were stupid enough to really believe in the person and carelessly and idiotically is taking lift from someone who is a complete stranger ..tell me would you take a lift from me when you know i am bloody stranger someone not to trust you’ll surely wait for your dad to come whether how late is it in night because as ppl we also have some responsibility for ourselves.IF SUCH SCENE has to be reflected then this cannot be ignored because this might become the main reason behind all the sufferings of the girl or our heroine…and or such filmy climax.As per bhojpuri i can never call them fims they are x rated fr me i won’t comment anything on such vulgar films.As you said my point was distorted only to the point of good films not those that lack all kinds of filmy fantasies and rather act as an obituary to such creativity that sadly turns art into ashes.


  5. Relevant points here…


  6. Sajit Nair says:

    I have read your earlier posts and i have found them very admirable and rich in gravitas.

    In this particular instant, I feel it is a slightly skewed perception based on a really valid point.

    if the general idea that you recieved from songs like ‘Jhumma Chumma de de ‘ was that they are encouraging harrassment of women….. Then i believe one might take a similar reference from other movies such as —>>>

    1. Munna Bhai MBBS — it is ok to get a fake MBBS certificate if you have a heart of gold.
    2. Rang de Basanti. — killing your father and the defense minister of India is justified if they are corrupt.
    3. Game of Thrones — The end justifies the means..
    4. The Fountainhead – Howard Roark’s rape of Dominique which was justified in scene.

    i have seen all these movies , played a lot of games and have not the least bit being influenced to either demand a chumma from any lady I meet, or bash a guy on the road and steal his dollars or even lie around to get ahead in my life. And I am sure , neither have most men and women . The problem thus does not lie in the movies but more so in the weak character of a few men who use these themes as excuses to fulfill their baser instinct.

    Also how come you didn’t mention movies such as Jism, Murder or even that baby Doll thingie.?

    It’s strange but your arguments here exactly sound like ‘ a woman dressing provocatively sends a message that she is game for those things!!’ … It ain’ the fault of the woman ( how she dresses is her right after all ) but of those who take the message as such.

    Also , if you really think that movies are the catalysts of such themes, then shouldn’t people be inspired by Great movies such as ‘Mother India’, ‘Gandhi’, ‘ A beautiful Mind’ et al. Either I am freaking blind or just dont know where to look for real terms such as ‘gender Equality’, ‘Ideal Patriotism’ and so on.

    One would have imagined that 3 idiots would have stopped parents from enforcing their irrationalities on children or that Chak De would have improved things for women sportsperson or even that Mary Kom movie. Or that Taarein Zammeen Par would have made things better for children dealing with Cerebral Palsy and autosm. Being a social worker for the past 7 years, i am inclined to think that there hardly exists any relation between the two.

    The truth is that … Movies are merely themes that reflect a society’s inherent base nature. Blame the society if you will.. But not necessarily the movies.

    I hope i didnt come across as bitter and acerbic… Kindly consider it as a comment from someone who has a differing opinion and nothing more :)

    Peace and Prosperity to you. may your tribe increase. :)


    • Hi Sajit, thanks for your intelligent, logically fit, lucid counter post as a comment. I will explain what made me write this post, but before that i would like to know your take on India’s Daughter. Will you please let me know why did our govt ban the BBC documentary? Ppl will see and forget, afterall a film doesn’t affect our daily lives.
      I remember when Maniratnam’s Bombay was released, police used to search your body. They were concern lest somebody burn the theatre out. Were they idiots as films do not affect us.
      Shaktimaan had killed several kids. Fear Factor’s stunts by rohit shetty are being tried, bcuz our films are meant to entertain, and leaves no impact on us.

      I will be back, and convince you at my point, meanwhile consider what i wrote above.

      No grudges plz.


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