A Mukesh is Haunting Every 21 Minutes.. !!


On most days, Indian newspapers report shocking new atrocities, a 10 month old raped by a neighbour in Delhi; an 18 month old raped and abandoned on the streets in Calcutta; a 14-year-old raped and murdered in a police station in UP; a husband facilitating his own wife’s gang rape in Howrah; a 65-year-old grandmother raped in Kharagpur.
But in a country where a rape is reported every 21 mins, even these most horrific of crimes soon get forgotten, except by the victims and their families. They are left to fight their long lonely battles for justice which, more often than not, is denied to them.
However Nirbhaya’s is back to haunt, making India to know what had happened before. Have a look.

Pathetic Justice:

One of the most painful and lingering cases is that of the Mumbai nurse Aruna Shanbaug.
Aruna Shanbaug was left brain dead by the attack and remains in a vegetative state sodomised by a cleaner in the hospital where she worked, the 25-year-old was strangled with metal chains and left to die by her attacker, Sohanlal Bharta Walmiki, on 27 Nov 1973.
She was saved and survives, but barely so. For the past 39 years she has been lying in a hospital bed in a vegetative state, brain dead, unable to recognise anyone, unable to speak, unable to perform even the most basic of tasks.

–––Aruna Shanbaug
Walmiki was given a 7-Year for robbery and attempted murder, while a brain dead Aruna remains confined to a hospital room, her attacker roams free, out of jail and able to rebuild his life. Disgusting.

India Shamed:

In 2003, the country was shamed when a 28 year old Swiss diplomat was forced into her own car by two men in south Delhi’s posh Siri Fort area and raped by one of them.
2004 in Manipur, 32-year old Manorama was taken away from home by the soldiers of Assam Rifles who accused her of helping insurgents. A few hours later, her mutilated body was found by the roadside, her pelvis riddled with dozens of bullets.
In 2011, 14-year-old Sonam was raped and killed inside a police station in UP.
During the 2002 riots in Gujarat, a number of Muslim women were gang-raped, and campaign groups routinely accuse the security forces in Indian administered Kashmir and the troubled north east of using rape as a weapon to punish the entire community.
In May 2009, Indian side Kashmir witnessed 47 days of violent protests and strikes after two young women were raped and murdered, allegedly by police, in Shopian town.
And in Chhattisgarh, Soni Sori has been in police custody since Oct 2011 when she was arrested on charges of being a courier for the Maoists. She has alleged in the SC that while in custody, she has been raped and stones have been shoved inside her vagina.
Most of these victims are still waiting for justice, some times years after the crimes have been committed.
The rapists sometimes escape with a light sentence because a judge accepts their argument that they committed the crime because they were drunk, or that they were living away from their family, or they had a family to look after, or that the accused was a high caste man who could not rape a Dalit – low caste – woman, even set freed, as defence attorney established that victim had not raise alarm, hadn’t tried to stop, and actively responded in sexual acts. So, rape turned consensual sex, done by two Policemen in 1972.

No Magic Formula:

The Additional Solicitor General of India, Indira Jaisingh, says the current rape laws in the country are far from adequate and the “process of justice delivery is too slow and the rate of conviction too low”.
We have to improve the crime investigation methodol-ogy, we have to make it more scientific and quick. In India a case takes so long to conclude that witnesses get dissipated, memory frays and conviction becomes tougher. Victims don’t get to court because there is a stigma attached to rape, and families would often discourage their daughters from complaining.

A rape is reported every 21 minutes in India.

There is no magic formula to deal with the problem of rape. There’s a bias that operates in the mind of decision makers stereo typing women, blaming the victim, trying to find out if she invited the rape.
By banning a Documentary on Jyoti Case, what we’re trying to hide seems to be a mob of innumerable Mukesh Singhs, who never find themselves guilty as they believe that victim asked him to rape her by hanging out after dusk.

…shabab khan

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  1. Actually 75% rape cases reported are found to be false. Most of these cases were premarital sex and sometimes no sex too, but filed to take revenge. Creating unnecessary hype around rape, will culminate into innocents like Nagaland man getting killed in public rage. The rage that is reated by blogs like this. I hope you know how to sop lynching of your own near and dear one’s from a false rape claim.

    You have created the hype by writing this, so get ready to get the flak back.



    • Hi Partha
      Nice to see your comment, and thanks for your consideration on what I write.

      Now, its time to answer you. I believe in Newton’s III Law about bouncing back.

      Dec 2012, when media was striving to know what dignitaries think about Rape Issue and Imposing of Death Penalty on Convict. In this practice, channels and print journalists interviewed Sri Aasaram Bapu.

      He said, रेप की जिम्मेदार महिला होतीं हैं, जो अर्धनग्न अवस्था में रात में घूमती रहतीं हैं। और पुरुषों को आमंत्रित करती हैं। मदिरा सेवन के बाद यदि मुझे भी किसी महिला, बालिका, वृध्दा, शिशु का वक्षस्थल, जंग्घा, पिछवाड़ा दिखायी देगा तो मैं भी पुरुष धर्म का पालन करूगाँ। इसे यदि महिला बलात्कार, रेप, ज़िना का नाम देती है तो यह पुरूषधर्म का सरासर अपमान होगा। और इस धर्म का अपमान होगा तो यह नगरी, यह देश, यह विश्व तहसनहस हो जायेगा। विश्व कल्याण के लिये पुरूषों को यह कार्य करते रहना चाहिये, यदि इस महान कार्य को करते-करते, या जलन के कारण पुलिस उन्हे प्रातंडित करके फाँसी पर चढ़ा देती है तो उस देवस्वारूप पुरूष का नाम अजर अमर हो जायेगा। उसे उठानें भैसा चालक यम वम नही,बल्कि अप्सरायें आयेंगी जो पूर्ण रूप से नग्न होगीं। बिल्कुल मेरें स्वँप्न में प्रतिरात्रि आनें वाली रागिणी, बिप्स की तरह। इसलिये, हे पार्थ जैसे प्राणीयों खड़े कर लो… ऊप्पस, खड़े हो जाओ और निकल पड़ो “रेपाभियान” पर, पुरूष धर्म की लाज तुम्हारे हाथ मे है।
      And you are who follow Bapu ideology.


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