Uncle Worst !!

Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán

I choose him to write upon because of US, Brits’ habit, to make fun of India’s system. They made Slumdog Millionaire and, now India’s Daughter as they love to input derogatory shit into the minds of whole World. Now, time to listen to an Indian.

Guzman is Mexican Drug Lord, forbes had given him #63 in World’s Most Powerful Men in 2013. And, he deserves it.

“He used his personal fleet of Boeing 747 jets, speedboats, amphibious vessels submarines, tractor trailers and freight trains to ship tons of illegal drugs from South America to Mexico and then to major U.S. cities.”

Before he was hunted down by a joint US-Mexico law enforcement operation in his home state of Sinaloa in 2014, February, Guzmán had successfully avoided being caught for 14 years by paying bribes and having a broad network of corrupt law enforcement officials on his payroll.

Below is a brief listing of what police had found inside his massive fort like home in Sinaloa state of Mexico.

The Cave:

man made cave
–– An extensive underground network of tunnels and safe houses were discovered under the well-guarded compound, including rooms that were built directly off of the city’s sewage tunnels. A notorious cartel leader needs some time to relax in a safe place, and what better way than in your own underground man-made cave including a hot tub.

The Collection:

rare art
–– An art collection worth millions of dollars that would put museums on the map was discovered inside the massive compound. In true cartel style, most of the highly valued extremely rare pieces were stolen, purchased on the black market.

Exotic Animals:

Black Panther
–– With more exotic animals than almost any zoo in the world, the cartel kingpin seemed to favour big cats, keeping two black Panthers. And one of the most rarest––

White Tigers and Eight Lions. However, I would add that Guzmán used to look after his pets generously. Animals were in good health.

The Gadget:

To infiltrate the grounds, Mexican police used the highest technology available. They were able to scan the property by air with infrared scanners that revealed the exact location of anyone inside the compound by tracking their body heat. Wisely, they made sure to wait until everything was quiet and everyone appeared to be sleeping before commencing the raid.

500K Dollars/Yuan:

–– They discovered a big haul of cash when they found $500,000 in American dollars and Chinese Yuan stuffed in a briefcase in a closet. Drugs are an international game for the cartel, so having currencies for multiple countries is key. It also leaves at he evidence was nice). $500k is no small potatoes, but nothing could have prepared them for what they found next!

Cash Cash Cash:

––Hidden Cash: Even experienced members of the Mexican police force had never come across anything like this! The single largest cash seizure in all of world history, $207 mn was found hidden away in a well guarded room inside the compound. Money was found literally everywhere, stuffed inside the walls, and even floors.

Golden Guns:

––Of course you’d expect to find weapons, but Guzman took that to the next level too. His collection of thousands of handguns and assault rifles would put museums to shame, including a wide variety of solid gold handguns to go full Bond villain. Whether they can kill somebody in one shot like in the game “Goldeneye” for the Nintendo 64 remains to be seen, but we can imagine that it has to be pretty lethal.

Ok, our system is corrupt but, to this extent? Can Indian authorities let someone ship in such a huge consignment of Cocaine? Of course not, but Americans do, thats why you are renamed from Uncle Sam to Uncle Worst.

…shabab khan
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