Listen to me Boss!


I am fed up. Why the hell do you want me to run and bring your fxxkxxg ball back for you only to throw it again, you jerk.

Dog paper

How can you blame me? Have you seen me tearing this roll of toilet paper? Am I like Bully of Mrs. Sharma?

Dirt bag

Yes Boss, even I am thinking who can do this filthy thing.

toilet paper

Hi boss, look at it. I just found this mess. I’m sniffing, will take you to culprit tomorrow morning.


Ok, Ok.. But, lemme explain atleast, huh.


O’ I never thought that cockroaches can make this mess. Boss, we need a good pesticide.

dog black legs

Look at it, school girls painted my legs. Paint smells like mud boss.

xmas dog

Santa gave me these goodies, nothing could be eaten.

…hehe ..Your kid still needs to learn how to live like humans.

girl to dog

I never believed what they say, ‘kutton ke bhi din aatein hain’. Now I do. Yeh, going Mauritius on honeymoon, one of my Gujju bhai was there recently, he told me its good to have fun.


Photo Credit: Naughty Dogs, Bestie, Img Nu.

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