Killing the Immortal Devil !


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Scientific Science

––– “to all those in suitable conditions must remember that Death is Imminent.”

“This guy turned plastic back into oil, the lifecycle of plastic is finally complete.”

Recently I came across a video on Scitube Ichini Shichi, which shows the surprisingly simple process of converting plastic waste back into the oil from whence it came.

“It was a pleasant shock, I could sense the burning curiosity into my eyes, eager to know more about Plastic, like you all, as of then, for me plastic was an immortal product scientists have invented. Today, plastic is threaten us, as it is a non biodegradable material.”

In video clip, Japanese man takes plastic containers, bottles and bags, shoves them all in a machine and then, hey presto, out comes diesel, kerosene and gasoline. It looks so easy it makes you wonder why we are not doing this all the time.

Well, there is a reason for that… the process is known as Anhydrous Pyrolysis, and despite how simple it looks, its unfortunately not considered very effective because it uses up a lot more energy than it creates.

But that doesn’t mean its completely pointless. From an environmental perspective, Recycling plastic waste is more efficient than turning it back into oil (I would say, better is to stop producing plastic all.together). But, as you can imagine, there’s a whole lot of plastic out there that still goes un-recycled, and pyrolysis is way better than letting it sit in landfill or escape into oceans, while we continue to drill oil from Earth’s crust.

Pyrolysis works by thyermo chemically breaking down material at temperatures above 350° Celsius in the absence of water. This not only physically melt down an object, but also changes its chemically composition so that, in the case of plastic waste, it reverts back into boiling liquid and eventually gas.

As the gas escapes from the machine, it enters a separate container filled with tap water, which cools it down again and converts it into oil. This oil has a higher Cetane value and lower sulphur content to traditional diesel. But it can either be burnt as is, or processed further to produce diesel, kerosene and gasoline that can be used straight in your car, stove or motorbike.

And there you have it. The life-cycle of plastic is finally complete. It may not be the most energy-efficient process, but around 1Kilogram of plastic produces around 1L of oil, whereas burning 1Kilogram of plastic released around 3 kg of CO2.

Problem? Yes Indeed.

Well, we have a way to shun plastic, for my friends’ Mums, Mrs.Gau, who doesn’t care to unwrap food packets, eats with the packaging plastic. I mean abandoned by Hindu’s Upper class Brahmins are presented Cow by devotees, the domestic Cow is kept, feed, water, health is taken care of. Cow give two full buckets of pure Lactose Mix milk, these cows are got pregnant, and so, gives two calves a year. Females are kept, males are sold by Brahmans. Saldly, the Hindu people who keeps the Cows to worship, abounded her on street as soon as cow’s biological clock makes her unproductive. They sell it off.

There is no creature on the face of planet whose digestive chemicals are turbo charged to such an extent, when plastic could be digested.

…shabab khan
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2 Responses to Killing the Immortal Devil !

  1. Sunil Deepak says:

    I have read about certain bacteria that can “digest” plastic. I have also read of bio-degradable plastics. I hope that both these innovations can become more widely available.

    BTW, what does it mean “Scientific science”? Can there be non-scientific science? Won’t that be an oxymoron? :)


    • Hi Sunil,

      Well, haven’t you heard about, ‘we were capable of performing plastic surgery in ancient India. Ganesh ji had had this unscientific science.’


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