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Topology of Human Eyes!

©SCIENCE OF SURPRISES! The human eye is optimised to have good colour vision at day and high sensitivity at night. But until recently it seemed as if the cells in the retina were wired the wrong way round, with light … Continue reading

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Where is this peace?

The World and the Mankind is on the verge of doomsday, and we, or most of us, are watching the approaching apocalypse on one of the TV Channels. Our instincts to foresee the danger is already exhausted for too much … Continue reading

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You Muslim !!

Ab aur kya chahiye? Kya PM bana den? Naam, Shohrat, Paisa ..sab kuchh mila tujhe, kya tum ehsaan nahi maante? O’you Muslim!! Controversial, Highly Sensitive, Outta Sensibility, Troublesome. When LK Adwani visited Jinnah’s Mazar during NDA rule, people took it … Continue reading

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