You Muslim !!


Ab aur kya chahiye? Kya PM bana den? Naam, Shohrat, Paisa ..sab kuchh mila tujhe, kya tum ehsaan nahi maante? O’you Muslim!!

Controversial, Highly Sensitive, Outta Sensibility, Troublesome.

When LK Adwani visited Jinnah’s Mazar during NDA rule, people took it as liberal gesture, if MSD says, Akram was the best on sub-continent it would be a professional comment. Suppose, the same is done by Pathans.

On the contrary, if I oppose Minority, it will be taken diplomatic as our saffron is a opaque color.

Infact, the Muslim lives on sufferance. It is the Hindu who has the freedom to attack India and its culture, its vulgarity. The Muslim who objects to something, no matter how obvious and visible, must qualify his argument. Usually the qualification demanded is that he show himself as patriotic.

In India, this is a term born out of negative sentiment. To be a patriotic Indian, one is not required to be tax-paying, law-abiding, well-meaning or philanthropic. Patriotism is demonstrated through hating a particular religion. The reason the Indian Muslim lives on sufferance is also rooted in this. You see, the Muslim is guilty of original sin, voting for Pakistan in the 1945-46 elections.

“He divided Mother India and his generations must carry this burden of Adam.”

Recently, on social media I’d become target of Hindutava, who would ask, ‘Do you accept that Muslims in India are the product of rapes Hindu did with Mughal’s women?’

“You all ard Rakchhas(evil), you chew bones of holy cow, you behead in Syria, Yeman, Iraq. This world should be muslim free”, says BJP’s Social Media Cell, @chauvinists. Perhaps, what happened in Gujarat 2002 was just skirmish. They, police-backed goons took 8900 lives, including 0 to 10 years old kids. Were they potent?”

Assam, army breaks in and abducts women, only to be found dead with dozens of bullets in her pelvis. When Iraq kills it was terrorism, when US drones kill it becomes justice.

Me, whose wife is Hindu and practice all her Hindu rituals. We fight, argue on issues like color of her car (she choose purple as if car and dress has some similarity).. We argue which place to go this vacation, but never ever anything happened in the name of Hidutava or Islam.

I told all these to saffron cockroaches that I respect Ramayana, as much as Holy Quraan. You won’t believe what I had been replied, ‘Do not compare Ramayana with $#Σ^ Qur’ran.

A Muslim should have prefaced his remarks (which I find ordinary, inoffensive and accurate) as follows: “I don’t like Saudi, Iraq or Pakistan.” Having said this, he would not have offended us no matter what he jettisoned after. Like children who need a pacifier, the Muslim offering opinion on prejudice must hold out this lollipop to Indians whose natural view of him is coloured by his religion. At all points he must remember this and mumble an apologia pro vita sua.

An year ago, I was surprised to see how SRK had suffered kinda mental torture. A super star, well mannered actor whose films are watched fondly in Pakistan, quoting ‘Im as fond of Pak as India,’ by this SRK opened himself to an attack from shivsena. which goes in this fashion :
“Aren’t you grateful, are you not satisfied, with what we gave you- you Muslim! –– Such fame, name, money, success. You didn’t whine about this then, did you? Now the Pakistanis are lecturing us because of your remarks. You should be ashamed.”

The self-congratulatory assumptions we make about ourselves– secular nation! Are we? I don’t think so.

“World’s largest democracy are not particularly reflected outside of the constitution.”

<p/As a writer I can imagine the pressure on Muslim writers who are aware of India and the space they operate in.

MJ Akbar wrote an unthinking paean to the BJP’s idiocy after Pokhran. What does he meant? Is he fan of Nuke? AB Vajpayee? Today whatever is written depends not on the intellectual content but which side it has blown from. How it is said is also always more important than.what is said because the Indian is easily offended.

Masses are quick to emotion, barely literate about anything whether their own culture or the.west’s, and powered on and on by an asinine Media.

Ruthless Media Indeed.

I wonder how do they justify the discrimination. It must be clean off from the minds of Indians. Or else, stupid downfall is imminent.

…shabab khan
@TopSHABABindia on Twitter.

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