O’Boy! Your Girlfriend is Slipping Out!

It happens with all those family-sick men who trust their partner.

As we all know relationship is never without threats – both external and internal. While there’s not much you can do to ward off external threats to your relationship – the return of your partner’s ex, for example, there are ways to realise if there’s an internal threat. Here are five signs that you girl might be falling for another man.

1. She couldn’t concentrate on her cooking, office work, laundry. If you ever dare to remind her that she is behaving strangely, her reaction would be unexpectedly nasty. In fact she can’t get him off her mind. So, you’re in the middle of an important conversation with your boyfriend, and this other guy crops up in her mind. And just doesn’t go away. She thinks, breathes, eats, sleeps – do everything with him in mind. She find it a humanly impossible task to stop thinking about him. Time for a reality check. Ask her if she is falling for the other man.

2. You’re both are discussing something: Chances are that since this other man is always her mind, she’ll end up bringing him up in discussions with you at the slightest possible opportunity. This is the most likely to be happened, so be careful not to miss it boy.

3. She doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with you. You find her making all kinds of excuses to try and not go out with you. And while her guy is away, she will feel like going out with the other man. You need to hear the alarm bells in your head.

4. She is now frequenting the salon more than earlier: She doesn’t seem to be able to take her eyes off the mirror before she goes to meet this other man. Her visits to the salon have increased from what they used to be, and she finds herself taking more than a really long time to get dressed. She is paying extra attention to the way she looks or the way she talks and so on. Yes, she thoroughly smitten by him.

5. She is not willing to share her relationship status: this other man knows that you have a boyfriend, she might always find herself talking about the many problems she is facing with him. She end up dropping heavy hints about not being happy with your current relationship during her conversations with this other guy. And if the man is not aware of the fact that she is in a relationship, she might be consciously avoiding all mentions of you.

Time to Wake up, stop trusting her its time to prioritise.

Shabab Khan
Author is a Journalist and Export Entrepreneur.
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