Escaping Death !!

By Shabab Khan


Devender Pal Singh Bhuller.

Born: 1965 Dialpura, Bhaika

Crime: A Car load full of RDX was blown up by a remote, instantly killing Nine innocent people in 1993.

He was declared guilty (under India’s Terrorism and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) known as TADA of killing nine bystanders in a 1993 car bombing intended to kill politician Maninderjeet Singh Bitta, and sentenced to death by hanging.

The Supreme Court of India commuted his death sentence to Life Imprisonment on March 31, 2014.

WHY? Because he was not a Muslim convict? Or he just wanted to kill a politician having connection with Congress who was opposing the idea of Khalistan.

Or may be Congress didn’t want to disturb the Sikh factor which was set with the appointment of Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister of India. Congress did it in order to make the blood soaked Delhi’s roads clean with the Sikh PM Manmohan Singh.

Delhi Carnage 1984 after Indra Gandhi assassination by her Sikh body guards. Sikhs were brutally assaulted in Delhi for several days.

We all know execution of a prisoner is depend on Supreme Court, Govt of India, State Government, President of India. Just 4 years taken by President in considering whether death penalty is a must.

This deliberate delay in clearing mercy petitions at Rashtrapati Bhawan also somehow remains in the hands of Home Ministry. The people in power influences the fate of mercy plea like President can be suggested that execution of Bullar may led to heavy protest in Punjab and Delhi, and consequently situation may go wild. President didn’t show interest for 4 years, when the file is cleared, accused plea curative petition in supreme court, and SC commutes death sentence to life imprisonment, quoting, “Its too long delay in processing the mercy petition”.

Yakub’s Mercy petition was cleared with Rejected Stamp within a week and file is sent to Maharashtra Govt to decide whether hanging of Yakub will be ok or is there any chance of disturbance? In Yakub case Devendra Fadnaveis instantly announce the date and time …even place of execution as soon as Pranav Mukherji rejects the Mercy petition.

Defence tried hard, they fought till the last moment, they wake up the SC jury for hearing, they sent the mercy petition to President where Home minister was waiting to suggest president not to entertain mercy, he rejects and a young wife becomes widow and a daughter becomes orphan after 22 years of an incident.

We, the people of India can not point our finger toward supreme court verdict. But I wonder what yardstick SC uses to find some legal grease that is ultimately use to decide lives of Bhuller, Rajona, Rajiv Gandhi killers and death of surrendered Yakub Memon. Twenty Two years are not too-long-delay, perhaps.

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